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Cat sef harming/over grooming, what can I put on the wound?

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Onamincepiebreak Thu 20-Dec-12 20:40:09

My baby (Siamese old girl) has always had a few emotional problems, but there getting worse, we just got a puppy and think this is too much for her sad

She's started licking and biting a bald patch, near her bum, and its now a big, open, weeping wound.

She did this before, when DD2 was born and it lasted a few months.

Before I got some tea tree cream to put on it, from the pet shop, but untill I can get down there, could I use sudocream? Or another antiseptic?

cozietoesie Thu 20-Dec-12 20:43:30

You need to get her to the vet, Onamincepiebreak. Don't attempt to treat her yourself.

Goober Thu 20-Dec-12 20:45:43

You can use Sudocrem on animals, I have used it on my dog before, but should still seek the advice of your vet.

Rikalaily Thu 20-Dec-12 20:47:36

You should get a collar put on until it has chance to heal, you can get these from the vet along with a suitable cream. Please don't put anything on yourself because she could get sick licking it off.

I'd also recommend a Feliway plug in, they release pheromones which relax the cat and are good for stressful times like introducing a new pet etc.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 20-Dec-12 22:23:20

Most essential oils are poisenous to them, I will confess to painting it on the fur around poorly areas though to prevent licking.

It works a treat.

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