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Should we spay kitten?

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countdowntoxmas Thu 13-Dec-12 12:14:33

Kitten is being microchipped next week and we need to decide whether to spay her at the same time. She is so affectionate and we think would make a great mum.
However, vet has said that she should not start breeding until 2 years old and if we decide to go that way, we should probably not let her outside until then. She is 5 months at the moment, so it would be a very long wait...
To spay or not spay?

cozietoesie Fri 14-Dec-12 09:27:18

PS - those are averages of course. There are some domestic cats who make it into their 20s nowadays.

Spot on cozie. 3-5 years for a breeding feral female, slightly longer for a dominant ton, non dominant Tom's usually far shorter.

A well cared for house cat can live to 20 or more (the oldest recorded was in her 30s when she died)

Wild/feral cats like all animals rely on natural selection of the healthiest young to perpetuate the species, mortality rate for almost all wild animals is close to 70% before reaching adulthood.

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 14-Dec-12 18:22:14

You've got to remember that we are essentially captive animals too, we have treatment for illness and warmth and good food. We're not living wild getting ill, fighting or hungry.

How many of us wouldnt have made it to adulthood without medical care?

My DH and My nephew wouldnt have survived.

I've had a couple of serious infections, whos to say they wouldnt have gone to septicaemia without the antibiotics?.

Plus quite a few humans are shit mums who harm children and we have natural birth defects too.

Very true. Dp and ds2 wouldn't be here without the lifesaving treatment they've had. And lord knows whether dd would have survived the chest infection she had last month without nebulisers, steroids, antibiotics, modern clothing and central heating.

I've been in several accidents which in ancient times would have left me so incapacitated I woils most likely have died.

Out of 5 of us that only leaves ds1 who's never needed medical intervention, and without modern housing and good preventative care even he might not have lived to his current age.

Life is harsh, our advanced capabilities shield us from that fact

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