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very very sick cat :-(

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iamapushymum Sun 09-Dec-12 22:32:45

Our year old cat started looking ill on Friday night .Just sitting still with glazed eyes and overnight she vomited bile.Saturday she drunk a little cat milk and water and licked at a roast chicken breast.She managed to walk to the litter tray to wee(once) but didn't poo all day.She stayed in a hunched position and her body kept spasming
Today she has just lain on her side all day eyes open and had 2 tiny drinks of water.No wees no poos and this evening she can't even walk as one of her back legs doesn't seem able to support her weight.If she makes it through the night we'll take her to the vet tomorrow (not open weekends and there is £150 call out for home visit which I literally haven't got, having just had a huge car repair bill.)
At first we thought she had been poisoned because she loves drinking out of the shower tray and DH used a new cleaner and didn't rinse.But I'm wondering now wheter her back leg is fractured.
Anyone get any ideas

CajaDeLaMemoria Mon 10-Dec-12 16:07:53

Don't wish you hadn't taken her.

The vet doesn't know. They guess, based on test results, and what you say.

It sounds to me like she entered kidney failure on Friday evening. There is a very small window where anything can be done. Even Saturday evening probably would have been too late.

Friday...well, nobody can say. But if she was fine before, then she likely would have made it had she had medical attention then. The facts can't be argued with. From a medical point of view, and a veterinary point of view, Friday would have given her a bloody good chance. But your vet has to worry about retaining you as a customer, and not making you feel too bad, so they say kind things.

I am very sorry. But you did the right thing taking her in the end. It was worth the chance that they could still treat her. It was also better for her to go having presumably had some pain relief, as kidney problems are immensely painful.

RIP, little one.

CajaDeLaMemoria Mon 10-Dec-12 16:09:00

As an aside, one year old cats don't usually get renal failure. Did the vet specify what might have caused this? Did you mention the cleaning fluid?

If you've got other pets, make sure you've really cleaned wherever you put it, just in case.

iamapushymum Mon 10-Dec-12 16:14:59

Samvet- You are talking rubbish .I am not a vet.How am I supposed to tell the difference between kidney failure and a run of the mill illness.How would I know the cat was a euthanasia candidate, and the vet would have to attend for free? Do you call 999 everytime one your kids throws up? Or do they lie quiet and sleeping until they are better? Your post is clearly self-serving to the profession you are in
The 2006 ACt does not apply to people who wait til morning to call the vet.It applies to deliberate cruelty eg people leaving horses with broken legs

iamapushymum Mon 10-Dec-12 16:18:49

He said it was most likely to have been a lily pod that had got caught in her fur and poisoned her.Next door have lillies (and ironically 3 cats who are as fit as fiddles). He said that cleaning fluids were too bitter tasting to do much harm
.We started her on dried food about a month ago though.I am wondering whether that could have caused a problem-I've heard of that before UI certainly put down her thirstiness to that

cozietoesie Mon 10-Dec-12 16:19:10

Sorry - I was staying off this thread but that post is too much. You didn't wait until morning. You waited over an entire weekend with your cat hunched, spasming, lying on her side, unable to walk and so on.

Samvet (and Lonecat) are absolutely not 'self-serving' contributors to this board. They're an enormous help to everyone - and remember they're not obliged to come here and post but do it from the goodness of their heart. As do we all.

I really think you better take a tumble to yourself.

Charlie01234 Mon 10-Dec-12 16:21:07

What a shocking story - how could anyone look at a very sick cat for a whole weekend and do nothing about it. Poor little thing.

georgie22 Mon 10-Dec-12 16:24:54

Sorry about your cat (although you don't seem very bothered). The cat may have died anyway but that doesn't absolve you of being the person responsible for her suffering over the weekend. Take a tip and don't have any more pets.

Floralnomad Mon 10-Dec-12 16:25:33

You need to read your OP , you said that on Friday it vomited and had glazed eyes and on Saturday stayed in a hunched position spasming. If a child was doing that I would hope you'd be ringing an ambulance ! The law on neglecting animals does apply to people like you !

Charlie01234 Mon 10-Dec-12 16:28:26


BeataNoxPotter Mon 10-Dec-12 16:36:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SecretSantaFix Mon 10-Dec-12 16:40:11

what about anti freeze?

Plus it wasn't a case of waiting till morning- you did notice she was unwell on Friday.

mollymole Mon 10-Dec-12 16:41:26

I hope that you NEVER have an animal again as you are obviously unable to look after pets. You did know the cat was very unwell , yet you made very little effort to find a vet. If you cannot vet fees don't have pets , so very simple. If I had my way you would be prosecuted.

QueenOfCats Mon 10-Dec-12 16:45:48

What an awful, unnecessarily prolonged death that poor cat had.

How could you, in all consciousness, watch that animal suffer over an entire weekend?

I'm appalled, thoroughly. Please, don't get another cat, or any small creature that will depend on you for it's well being.

Cachaca Mon 10-Dec-12 16:53:03

How am I supposed to tell the difference between kidney failure and a run of the mill illness.
You aren't. You can't. That's a job for a VET.

How would I know the cat was a euthanasia candidate, and the vet would have to attend for free?
Says it all. The money was more important to you than the life of your cat. You didn't even try to get an arrangement in place. Too bad for your cat.

Do you call 999 everytime one your kids throws up? Or do they lie quiet and sleeping until they are better?
When they "throw up", then of course they lie sleeping. When they are hunched and spasming, urinating inadequately and I'm wondering whether one of their legs is fractured, then I get them the hell to a doctor.

You should be utterly, completely ashamed of yourself, not displaying such ignorant smugness towards people who would have looked after your cat properly.

bamboobutton Mon 10-Dec-12 16:55:18

Jesus Christ! You make me sick. poor, poor cat.

My cat had similar symptoms, we got him to the vet the same day we noticed them. It was touch and go but he survived. So could your cat if you had cared enough.

It cost us a fortune as we had no insurance but we cared about our cat more than money, unlike you.

Rikalaily Mon 10-Dec-12 16:55:35

You are a disgrace OP. You put money before your cats welfare, you knew she was sick enough for you to query a broken limb. You have shown no regret or remorse for your actions and you have shown not one bit of affection towards your cat on this thread - 'The cat died', is that all you have to say about a pet that was supposed to be part of your family!

We are a pretty skint, below average income single earner, four kids but we have paid out nearly £2k in vets bills this year when 2 of our cats became ill, our youngest one was only 2 years old and we did everything we could for her but in the end she was PTS. Our oldest cat had a urinary blockage last month, £1k in vet bills for 3 days kept in, a catheter, tests and loads of meds, he's had numerous UTI's and kidney infections in the past and I knew instantly that he was very poorly each time and he was treated straight away and recovered quickly. I know from my own cats kidney/bladder problems that you know they are ill almost straight away, you can't mistake it.

Your cat suffered horribly and died because you witheld treatment that she should have had as soon as she started throwing up bile let alone when she was glaze eyed and laying in her bed in agony with spasms and renal failure. You could have called a vet and they would have told you on Friday that she needed seeing. Cats are tough creatures and if they start showing signs of illness, especially not eating you know they need treatment immediately. My boy was still eating when he had his blockage, but I knew he was ill. His symptoms seemed to be constipation but I knew he wasn't right so took him to the vet. A cat has 24 hours after poisoning/blockage before they start to get organ failure. Your cat wasn't ill for weeks, she ate Lily probably on Friday and became ill immediately, lily is extremely toxic to cats and hits them fast. If she'd been put on a drip immediately she probably would have lived, you took that chance away from her.

Don't have pets if you are not willing to treat them like any other member of your family, they have only thier owner to look out for them. I hope that her treatment today and her euthanasia have hit you hard in the bank balance seeing as that was the only thing that concerned you. You wish you'd left her to die peacefully at home! She was in agony you cruel and heartless person, her passing would not have been peaceful at all, cats don't cry out when in pain, they lie down and quietly wait for the end to come no matter how they are suffering. My mum died from organ failure and I can assure you that even despite the morphine pump she had she was in agony until the end and you put your cat through that with no pain relief all weekend.

I feel sick reading this thread and I feel even more sick that you think you can defend your lack of care for your cat. I hope you don't have any more pets and that your vet reports you, I know I certainally would.

hellymelly Mon 10-Dec-12 16:55:39

Letting her die at home would not have been a "peaceful" death, it would have been a painful and horrible death. I agree with others here who think you have been negligent, most vets are open Saturday mornings and that is the latest she should have been seen. Waiting overnight to see if an animal picks up, if you have no way of getting to a vet, might be ok. Leaving her a whole weekend suffering is not. Get pet insurance if you ever get another animal.

iamapushymum Mon 10-Dec-12 17:04:29

' A cat has 24 hours after poisoning/blockage before they start to get organ failure. Your cat wasn't ill for weeks, she ate Lily probably on Friday and became ill immediately, lily is extremely toxic to cats and hits them fast. If she'd been put on a drip immediately she probably would have lived, you took that chance away from her'
well the vet said that by the size of her kidneys and by the condition of her gums that it had been coming on for at least a couple of weeks.He didn't know it was lily poisoning , he just said it was a common cause and I knw next door have them.
Also the other side next door has put down rat poison uinder her shed recently.I wonder if that would have caused kidney failure( if she had eaten a mouse contaminated?)

iamapushymum Mon 10-Dec-12 17:05:58

Actually that's an interesting point.You can put down poison to deliberately cause a wild rodent an agonising death

bamboobutton Mon 10-Dec-12 17:16:19

It doesn't matter what caused it, you left an animal suffering for days to save your wallet.

You are a disgrace.

Lifeisontheup Mon 10-Dec-12 17:18:19

Your cat was in pain all weekend, when an animal shakes and its not just got cold it is a sign of extreme pain. You should never get an animal if you can't afford to insure it or pay for any unexpected vet bills.
Insurance isn't even really expensive for a young cat. I'm normally very pragmatic about my pets but they are never left in pain. My dog has renal failure ,the first signs were her shivering uncontrollably and not eating, she went to the weekend vets and they were able to make her comfortable until we could get her to our own vets on the Monday, she now has heart failure and the treatment to keep her comfortable is expensive but that's what we've been paying insurance for the last 13 years for.

iamapushymum Mon 10-Dec-12 17:42:51

Well I think you are cruel and stupid keeping an animal with heart failure going for your own gratification.
The fact is that in thefield at the bottom of my garden there will be animals dying in pain in the hedgerows, my neigbours rats dying of poisoniong under the shed.That is the lot of 99% of animals when they die.You seem to be conveniently forgetting that .The cat was warm and in familiar safe surroundings.i don't think she was in pain the last day or so because she was out of it .
Anyway we are getting a new kitten from a nearby farm, which will be ready before xmas smile

georgie22 Mon 10-Dec-12 17:55:55

God you make me sick. Oh well I'll pray for karma. You're despicable in your complete and utter contempt for the reactions of other posters to the neglectful way in which you treated your poor cat. Please please don't have another cat. You should be reported to the RSPCA.

BeataNoxPotter Mon 10-Dec-12 18:01:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bamboobutton Mon 10-Dec-12 18:04:14

Animals dying in the hedgerow has fuck all to do with it. Stop trying to derail the thread, you left an animal suffering.

Think you are trolling now. Cat from a farm? pffffffffffft.

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