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Our lovely cat has cancer

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Growlithe Wed 05-Dec-12 04:44:47

Hi. We have a lovely, affectionate 11 year old tortoiseshell. In February, the vet found 4 little lumps on her mammary glands. She'd lost some weight, was lethargic, and moulting a lot. Her bloods were encouraging, so the opted to have the lumps removed.

The vet said it would add more expense to have them analysed, so instead he stored them and said if she had any further symptoms we could always have them analysed later.

Well, she's had an ok few months, still not going out much but she seemed comfortable. The last few weeks, however, she seemed to be dipping again so we took her back to the vet.

They found one small lump this time. They sent the others for analysis and the results have shown they were cancerous.

We have an appointment tomorrow to discuss options. They vet was talking about quality of life. She can have an operation to remove the new lump, but this time they would do a chest xray first to see if it's spread.

Sorry if I'm rambling. I can't sleep for thinking about her, and don't want her to suffer, but the DCs will be devastated, and frankly so will we.

Does anyone have any experience of cancer in cats?


bigwombat Sat 08-Dec-12 18:06:44

So sorry. We have a 12 year old tortie girl and they are indeed special cats.

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