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Kitten advice: Male or female kitten?

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issey6cats Wed 05-Dec-12 10:55:18

hi being as you are looking to get a kitten the sex of the kitten isnt important, i have 3 boys and one girl here and the girl is the smallest one but she does boss the boys around as cat society is female dominant, and a neutered male wont fight so much because most fighting is hormone led, tell your mom to be prepared for maybe the older lad being scared of the kitten, as in cat world a kitten usually means a fiesty mom somwhere around, (this is in thier heads not always in realtiy) the best thing to do is when they go to look at kittens to not have an idea in thier heads what they want (hopefully will be a rescue) and see which kitten picks them smile

Jenda Tue 04-Dec-12 23:45:54


Sorry if this is a but long and I sound like a nutty cat lady!

My mum is looking for a new kitten and would like some advice on which gender to get. She currently has 2 cats. One is a 22 year old female who is not a concern as is likely to be either completely oblivious or deliver a sharp slap if the baby annoys her!

Her other cat is a 7+ year old male. . My stepdad got him before they moved in together ( we all went to choose him as a stray from RSPCA) and when my mum moved in with the female he got a bit stressed and pooed on the bed for a while. Fine now, 6 years on. Actually he is the best cat I have ever met (even over my own).He is enormous but soppy and hugely affectionate but not as big and brave as he looks.

Mum's thinking is that it would be a better idea to get a female kitten who wouldn't try to dominate when older? Harry is such a lovely boy and she doesn't want another boy to try and fight him.We have had many cats but have only ever introduced females to our existing boys previously so she's bit concerned about ruining the harmony. Does anyone have any advice?

Incase you ask. Existing cats have loads of space and places they can go to get away from kitten. Also large garden backing onto country so will be able to go off on their own. All cats will be spayed etc, all cats will be fussed over, no children in the house. One dog who is very much submissive to the cats and won't be a problem after her initial fascination.

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