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cat drinking and weeing lots/which cat litter is best?

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Sparkles23 Thu 06-Dec-12 17:48:34

Thank you nibbled, I might give that a try too!

nibbled Thu 06-Dec-12 11:19:23

Hi Sparkles23
I have a young kitty who has kidney issues, she drinks and wees constanly. I have tried all sorts of differnent litters, the clumping type was not ideal for me, the best by far is any wood based one, it just melts into sawdust and is so much easier to scoop out, plus the smell is far more pleasant. I buy the 30L bag from my local pet supplier for £9!

Sparkles23 Tue 04-Dec-12 19:56:03

Thanks for replying, I will give that Oku a go I think, it sounds great!

The vet did full blood tests for everything as she was being put under anesthetic so wanted to make sure fit for surgery given her age, not sure if they did urine though ..but I'll make sure I ask for that when take her back, whilst I'm there I'll get everything checked as she's a bugger to get there!!!. I'm going to bring her back on the 19th for check up but will keep close eye on her until then and if if continues will bring her in earlier, typically I get home this evening and she's barely touched the water I left this morning, this happened in the summer too when I was worried, she stopped drinking it again!! I hope I'm just being over cautious but so aware that she's older cat now.

Thanks for the advice appreciated!

RedwingWinter Tue 04-Dec-12 19:16:59

Hmm did your vet test her for diabetes and for UTIs? To be honest if it was me I would be going back to the vet sooner rather than later, since it doesn't seem like the teeth were the cause of the drinking issue. Just like people, cats can develop diabetes, especially if overweight.

As for cat litter, have you tried the Oko clumping stuff? (there's even a thread about it here).

Also, maybe she temporarily needs a spare litter tray while you wait for the vet's investigations. Good luck and I hope you can find out what is wrong soon.

Sparkles23 Tue 04-Dec-12 11:23:07


I’m looking for some cat litter advice.

My lovely little kitty is about 12 years old and is mostly an indoor cat, she does go out the back and sticks to the gardens when she does go out (which I’m glad about!) but the daft thing always comes back in to use her litter tray. Anyway up until now I’ve always used Catsan cat litter and just scooped the poos out every day or so and completely change it over/clean tray once a week which has been fine, but recently she has gone from barely touching her water to me having to refill it every 12h or so, she is drinking loads and obv weeing loads too so her cat litter is sopping wet after 2/3 days – normally when I change it weekly it’s not even that wet but now by 3 days it’s way past the point where it needs to have been changed. I came down this morning and found a lovely piddle patch on my silk rug, her litter was clearly that wet she wouldn’t use it and very unlike her to wee outside her litter – poor thing, I felt bad as I didn’t even notice how wet it had become. Anyway I was wondering if anyone has any advice on which is the best litter to use, the catsan has been fine until now but it’s just not doing the job at the mo and while I don’t mind changing it every couple of days if I have to I would like something better/easier to change as the catsan is very messy and bitty - is clumping any good? I’ve heard ‘World’s Best’ is very good but it looks v expensive, is it worth the cost? Can anyone recommend a cheaper one or any tips on dealing with excess wee?

I am obviously worried about my kitty and am always very conscious of her health, she is about 12/13 now and I noticed she was drinking water back in the summer (went from never drinking any basically to drinking it) so I took her straight off to the vet as I was concerned, all her tests came back clear but she needed 2 teeth extracted (£500 poorer!!) and the vet said her drinking could have been down to her toothache and her wanting to swish her mouth out, but I’ve noticed she is drinking more now, she seems completely happy in herself, purring, washing, adoring DH, eating same etc.. though I am v aware cats are v good at hiding things and I guess if it’s kidneys it might be early stage so may not be in pain but I am very worried and keeping a close eye on her, I am going to take her to the vets for a thorough check up in a couple of weeks or so, definitely before end of year (obv if she shows any signs of distress or any other symptoms before then I will whisk her straight there) but do you think this could be nothing and maybe she just needs to drink more as getting older? Is that something that can happen.

Anyway thank you if you have read all this, sorry to waffle, any advice on both counts would be really appreciated!

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