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Thinking about getting a kitten...

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Niceteeth Thu 22-Nov-12 23:28:58

So, after many many months of consideration, my husband and I have finally decided to get a cat. The problem is, I really don't know the best way to go about it! I've read so much information that I'm more confused than when I started. Particularly, where to buy/adopt from? Initially I thought a rescue kitten was the ideal solution but have heard that they're not too keen on young children (DS is nearly 4). But I don't want to end up getting one from a dodgy breeder by accident!
Would appreciate any advice, tips etc!

Wankarella Sat 24-Nov-12 18:44:08

I used to foster pregnant mummy cats pre-breeding my own, that was lots of fun! I love kittens, I also love cats, I do miss having kittens all the time though. Scratched sofas and all grin

FermezLaBouche Sat 24-Nov-12 19:05:34

Hi Niceteeth,
I bought my kitten aged 9 weeks a couple of months ago. Since reading posts on "litter tray" I'm gutted I didn't think to go to my local rescue home, 2 BLOODY miles away from my house as luck would have it. Really glad you've decided to go for a rescue pet - it's bloody unbelievable how some people dump baby animals without second thought.
I hope you find a pet that gives you loads of joy over the years. It sounds silly but coming home to my little kitten after a day at work is just wonderful!

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