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Oz -pet litter trays with wood pellets

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Britpet Fri 16-Nov-12 12:57:54

Having returned from Australia where we got our 2 British shorthairs. The breeder recommended Oz-pet litter trays with wood pellets. Which we did. It is an amazing litter tray system as their is an inner tray sieve with a gap between the other tray. When the cat wees the wood litter breaks down and you give the box a couple of shakes a day and the sawdust goes into the bottom tray leaving all the good clean pellets above and clean for the cat. Every 2/3 days empty the bottom tray as it fills and start again. Soo economical and no wastage of scooping the bad out with the good. A bag last ages..... Their is no smells either
As this tray system is not available here we are going to be bringing them in mid December as sole distributor
Please message me and have a look at the link below

Dontbesodramatic Sun 02-Dec-12 08:36:06

How much will the litter and tray cost?

RedwingWinter Mon 03-Dec-12 20:46:22

Is it the same as the stuff they call feline pine in the US? I have to say I quite like the way it turns to sawdust.

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