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Ah, (or maybe more "ew") the smell of catsick in the evening...

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ZebraOwl Thu 15-Nov-12 20:44:13

Was in my room with black!kitten when I heard A Noise. It was not a good and/or happy noise. Got up to discover black!kitten starting at a stream of sick. At which point blond!kitten appeared on the scene, growled at the sick; and attempted to eat it.

Have cleared mess up & fed kittens their tea. Black!kitten was keen enough for his meal & ate it all up. (Didn't immediately uneat it either.)

Trying to work out what this is about. He doesn't seem to have had as much as usual to drink today, could that have made digesting a dryfood lunch uncomfortable? Kittens both had worming tablet (along of a couple of treats) & anti-hairball lick & (Bob Martin) spot-on flea&tick stuff put on at around 1700/1730ish. Anyone got any genius ideas? I am not overly worried because he seems fine in himself, but would appreciate Advice...

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