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I am the worst pet owner in the world

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tiggyhop Sun 11-Nov-12 23:13:23

Since we moved to our current location (abroad). We

Took in a kitten who was born in a wall. He died of FIP before he was 2. sad

We got a kitten from a rescue centre in June 2010, he was a wanderer and after losing and finding him numerous times, he is now lost presumed dead after not coming back in January 2012. sad

We got a pair of kittens from the rescue centre in June 2011. After learning that there are coyotes in our neighbourhood and losing the cat in January, we tried so hard to keep them in, or at least just let them out in the garden when we were around. On Thursday night, DH realised at about 10.30 that the back door was wide open: the latch was on the blink and he hadn't shut it properly. sad. Both cats were out all night, one has returned, the other hasn't (and isn't likely to).

I feel so miserable. We have scoured the neighbourhood endlessly. We have emailed and postered and searched on bikes. The cat was sighted at midnight on Friday but nothing since then. I am so low. I feel idiotic and embarrassed that we have had 4 cats and only one is still with us. This has really knocked me for six. Please cheer me up if only a little. We are going out to look again shortly but I think it is futile.


Snazzyfeelingfestive Sun 11-Nov-12 23:18:53

Oh dear. This does happen though. I once got a cat back who had been missing for 12 days, and had been accidentally locked in a shed. Any chance this could have happened to your kitten? Will keep all fingers crossed.

RedwingWinter Mon 12-Nov-12 00:11:55

If it's the first time the cat has been out exploring, she might just stay out a while before coming back, so don't give up hope yet. If there are coyotes then it is best to keep cats indoors, but after a couple of nights it's still possible she will come home. Keep posting, check with your local animal control or whoever takes in stray cats in your neighbourhood, and keep looking. And like Snazzy says, ask your neighbours to check their garages and sheds. Best of luck.

tiggyhop Mon 12-Nov-12 04:10:04

Thanks all. RedwingWinter, we know cats should be in if coyotes are around, but she got out by accident. Still no sign. It's the first time she has been out longer than about 8 hours. sad

cozietoesie Mon 12-Nov-12 06:57:30

You're not bad tiggyhop. Wait and see if she makes it back - and if she doesn't... well. She might be a 'roaming' cat who prefers it that way.

Best of luck to all of you.

lljkk Mon 12-Nov-12 07:43:02

Anything could have happened, it's one of the hazards of having an outdoor cat. But outdoor life gives them good quality of life. It's my preference, too.

Coyotes are bastards for taking cats. Don't feel bad, the cat is too daft to know what's good for it. You gave them good lives in the meantime. No Coyots here but the traffic might get mine one of the days they refuse to come home before dark. If it's not one thing it's another.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 12-Nov-12 08:43:01

You can buy electric fences for cats in the UK, I'd imagine amazon would do them in your country too.

Do you think that would help? one of our relatives uses one on his dog.

tiggyhop Mon 12-Nov-12 13:43:46

DH just saw a ginger cat in the distance and sprinted after it, but it wasn't her. Sigh. Electric fence is a good idea, but the problem was that she got out of the side door which had not latched properly, then it's straight onto the sub-division and away. The kids are fine although a bit sad, it's me and DH who are devastated. I agree with Iljkk that outdoor life gives them a good quality of life but I have had enough now. The remaining one isn't going out ever, although I know you can't legislate against accidents. It's this sort of thing that makes you focus on all the negatives about living abroad. Very low about it all.

RedwingWinter Mon 12-Nov-12 20:39:34

I'm sorry she's not back yet, tiggyhop. It's still possible so I will keep my fingers crossed. She might have just got lost since she is not used to going outside. Did you call your local SPCA in case someone has taken her there? Although coyotes are a big threat to cats, it would be unlucky for one to have got her so quickly so I think it's more likely she is lost. If you get any sightings of her, you can always ask the SPCA if they could lend you a trap to catch her. It's so easy to accidentally leave a window or door open. There are always hazards in life and unfortunately we can't control them all. It's so hard losing an animal but you have given them a nice life while you had them.

tiggyhop Mon 12-Nov-12 23:57:44

Thanks again all, still no sign, we are losing hope. She is microchipped Redwing so if she is taken to the SPCA they will scan her and the microchip company have been notified so I'll be contacted (same if she is taken to any vets or other local animal shelters etc). She won't go up to people so it's entirely possible that she is just hiding in the undergrowth somewhere - the weather is good, she has access to plenty of clean water and I bet she can scavenge food fairly easily so if it wasn't for the coyotes, I'ld be giving her some good chances (very little traffic too). Having written all that I feel a bit more positive!

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