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smelly bottom.....

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bitofcheese Wed 24-Oct-12 16:26:49

been having a fair bit of trouble with our cat the last couple of weeks and the upshot of it is that today we had to get her hair cut off re vets recommendation although was obvious it needed to be done. problem is that both i and dd have noticed that she smells bottomy and never used to which we both put down to it normally being hidden among loads of hair as she is a long haired cat but not her bottom is exposed. tbh especially as she has just had a bath i am both surprised and disappointed and i don't think she has pooed since either so am a bit concerned. in a word, has anyone else experienced that cat to smell bottomy and if so, any tips as to what to do. can't wait for her fur to grow back sad

cozietoesie Wed 24-Oct-12 16:37:10

Just wondering if maybe she could have issues with her anal sacs - but it's difficult to say without seeing her and this may be something you should have her back to the vet for. (Sorry.) Just how bad is the smell? There will normally be a very slight odour but if she's just had a bath and is a good groomer/washer, it shouldn't be noticeable unless she sticks her bum right in your face.

bitofcheese Wed 24-Oct-12 17:03:10

not sure how to grade it. we only noticed it when she was on our lap and her tail was in the air, and then it was mild but noticeable. she doesn't smell bottomy in general. tbh when a bum hole (!) exposed like that it doesn't surprise me. as for the groomer, i don't know if they wash the bottom, perhaps they missed it? no idea, the whole thing has been bloody awful and i have spent over £200 that i don't have spair all, i think, because of this grooming salon. she may or may not have ringworm, vet wasn't sure, we both think whatever it is it probably came from her grooming session there about 4 weeks ago. no other groomer would cut her hair, understandably, ironically other than the groomer she went to initially so she has gone back there and had her hair cut....the groomer was supposed to bath her in this stuff i got from the vets. i won't take her there again but did today as had to get rid of her long hair so i could see all the lesions and treat them with the topical stuff i have. she looks like a lion at the moment smile kind of cute

cozietoesie Wed 24-Oct-12 17:32:25

Keep a close eye on her bum then. It may just be that you've got used to her having no smell at all but...... Mention it to the vet when you're next there if it hasn't gone away.

bitofcheese Wed 24-Oct-12 18:21:13

thanks for your advice

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