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possible ringworm?....

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bitofcheese Mon 15-Oct-12 18:32:47

Just took my cat to the vets as i noticed a small round bald patch on her lhs shoulder that was bleeding. vet took samples, came back and said he wasn't sure if it was ring worm or not but was a bacterial thing. he has given me some stuff to rub into her wound twice a day using gloves. been on the internet, as you do, and it says for ringworm (although i don't know for sure that this is that but anyway..) you have to clean EVERYTHING, NIGHTMARE. not sure what to do really and am paranoid that she may have passed it onto us. she seems fine in herself, i thought the scab/bleed was from a male cat having had his wicked way her her tbh. i have to go out and buy some rubber gloves..

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