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Temporary littler tray?

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MyAngels Mon 01-Oct-12 10:00:33


You have all been so helpful with my questions about our new found kitten, but still being a bit clueless I need more help.

She is off to the vet tomorrow for vaccination, chipping and spaying, and I believe she will need to be kept inside for a week (?) whilst she heals. She has finally got the hang of the catflap (since we took the magnet off that keeps it from flapping in the wind) so is in and out as she wishes and toilets outside (which is what we prefer).

If I have to keep her inside, how do we manage the toileting? Do I need a litter tray and if so, how do I persuade her to use it?

Thanks all

cozietoesie Mon 01-Oct-12 10:56:26

Well, yes, MyAngels, you'll need a tray if you're keeping her in. (Actually, they're quite handy to have anyway - even for a cat who normally goes outside. Those long, wet/snowy winter nights can cool the adventurous spirit of the most outgoing cat so I'd always have one around just in case, washed and in the cupboard with some litter in a bag.)

As to getting her to use it? She may have used one in her young kitten days (?) but all I can suggest is that you get one, fill it with litter, leave it around on some newspaper and on one occasion before her op, gently lift her into it, crouch behind her, take her paws, and mimic a quick double scratch at the litter. Then cross your fingers. Cats are desperately clean, usually, so she should cotton on pretty quick. It's almost miraculous how they find their tray in unfamiliar circumstances.

If she does have an accident after the op (when they're often pretty woozy and out of it for a bit) I'd wipe it up with some kitchen towel and then leave some of the kitchen towel lying on top of the litter for 10 or 20 minutes. That should give a tiny little odour to the litter which a cat's sensitive nose will pick up.

Maybe someone else will have a better idea.

Best of luck tomorrow.


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