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Stray Cat & Kittens

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TantrumsandBananas Fri 21-Sep-12 07:15:50

Hi all

Has appeared in my friends garage. It would appear that she has given birth there some time ago, as the 2 kittens are now appearing....its been abit of a shock she had no idea! I've seen a picture the kittens look maybe 6/8 weeks old.

She is very very thin, looks around a year old, and they all look flea ridden. Also very very skittish (understandable if she has had a hard time).

I have three cats and am a total cat lover, so far I told her to put some sort of box in there with a blanket/old coat.

Given her a big bag of biscuits, and she has started feeding them these and other bits and bobs - chicken/tuna.

She has tried calling some cat charities, but hasn't had any response.

I have told her to try the local vet, who might beable to help, or at least put her in touch with someone who can?

Also given her a flea treatment for the mum if she can get hold of her (unlikely at present). If she can get hold of kittens, use a nit comb - it worked for me!

There is a tomcat lurking apparently, and I worried that she will end up preggars again.

Just wondered if anyone had any other words of wisdom? They haven't appeared in my garage, but I feel for my friend who is lovely, not a cat lover, but trying her best! Can see her becoming one!

Any advice?

I would have em - but if they arrived at my house, divorce would follow.

TantrumsandBananas Fri 21-Sep-12 07:17:25

Ps Gotta sort out DD for school now, back later.

issey6cats Fri 21-Sep-12 11:49:48

if your friend rings her local cat protection they should be able to do a trap , neuter and return not ideal but at least the female wouldnt get pregnant again, they would also worm her and flea treat them all, but the kittens if she could get them NOW at six weeks old and find someone to look after them they are old enough to leave mom just and young enough to tame up so wouldnt end up as permanent ferals , other than this get your friend to put them on all the waiting lists for local rescues, and yes she will get pregnant again very quickly if she can get cats protection to neuter her and release back would your friend be willing to feed and shelter her in her garage as the mom cat will probably always be feral, but shelter and food would keep her happy and fairly healthy

TantrumsandBananas Fri 21-Sep-12 12:59:37

Thanks for that. I will have a chat with her this afternoon, and see if she has had any response yet.

TBH I think she would be up for that. She won't see her go hungry.

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 21-Sep-12 14:43:29

Aldi cat food is very good, my bengal is on it and the vet always remarks what a healthy looking cat he is.

I feed mine pouches not tins but some cats will eat tinned which is cheaper as they put maize in it.

One of the nursing homes I go to had a feral cat give birth and the cpl did a trap, neuter, release and they are still there now. They are very skittish but they play together and seem to get through the winters. They look very healthy and happy.

If its a really cold night a hot water bottle under the blanket in the box is a good idea.

Asda/homebargains do cheap fleece blankets that you can line boxes with to make a bed.

TantrumsandBananas Sat 22-Sep-12 08:12:54

Good ideas - thanks for that. We desperately need the cpl to get in touch. I am gonna have a go too!

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