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My cat hasn't come home

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Heswall Sun 11-Mar-12 23:01:06

She never ever stays out after dark.
She went out last night for a wee and I went to bed. DH left the window open for her to come and go as usual except she wasn't there when we got up this morning.
No sign all day, we've driven around half expecting to find the very worse and DH is out looking for her in the neighbourhood now.

When would you start to really worry ?

I just cannot bear the idea of her in pain somewhere :-(

Northernlurker Sun 11-Mar-12 23:31:01

We couldn't find our cat yesterday morning and I was frankly terrified. Looked all morning in state of panic. (She hadn't been around the night before either)
Finally at noon we said that we really must get dd3 dressed and dd1 went up to get her clothes and opened her drawers - cat leapt out! No idea how she got in there or how long she was in there. So.......check EVERYWHERE in the house and garden and tomorrow talk face to face to all your neighbours and get them to really check too. If she's a neutered female she's unlikely to have a very big territory so she won't be far away. If she's had a scary experience though she may be too scared to come to you and you will have to find her.

TwllBach Sun 11-Mar-12 23:41:05

Mine did the same thing last summer. Shes three and she was always home before dark, of her own choosing and then one evening she just didn't. We are quite rural and we have lots of badgers and foxes and I was worried abou her so spent a good two hours calling her, sounding like a right idiot to our neighbours grin then went off to work the next morning really upset.

I got home that evening to see her jump out of a neighbours first floor bedroom window, on to his flat roof bit and then down to the ground. Clearly their ebedroom had been just to comfy to leave!

I'm sure your cat is fine, just pushing the boundaries a bit. I hope she comes home soon - its a horrible feeling isn't it sad I lay awake for ages thinking things like "what if she is hurt and waiting for me to come and get her" while the whole time she was curled up, nice and warm in their spare bedroom grin

Cheddars Sun 11-Mar-12 23:55:38

My little rascal disappeared for over 24 hours last weekend. I was really worried, he was out all night and didn't come back for any meals, then he reappeared at around 11pm. No idea where he'd been or why. Then today he was gone for 2 hours but we found him locked in the garage. blush

I hope your cat comes back soon Heswall. Has she ever gone before?

Heswall Sun 11-Mar-12 23:58:54

No never she's a real homebody. I hope you're all right, I had a cat stolen about three years ago so am feeling anxious.

Cheddars Mon 12-Mar-12 00:10:26

I did some research when mine went last weekend and I read somewhere that cats tend to stick within a 5 house radius from their home. If, god forbid, she is injured it's definitely worth checking your neighbours gardens.

TwllBach Mon 12-Mar-12 06:48:20

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you OP

Heswall Fri 16-Mar-12 08:58:24

Well day 4 and I "knew" she'd gone so put a £50 deposit on a new kitten, you can guess what happened next of course, in she walks bold as brass with a missed me look on her face

crazynanna Fri 16-Mar-12 09:00:39

Woohoo!! So pleased! smile

RightsaidFreud Fri 16-Mar-12 09:08:11

Try not to worry (much easier said than done!) Our boy went missing for 48hrs about a year ago, and i was a total wreak, put notes through all the neightbours doors asking them to check garages and sheds (we had only moved about 3 months prior, so was worried he might have got lost). Went out about 1am to have another look for him and heard the faintest meow every coming from our next door neighbours shed! Must have walked past the same spot calling his name about 20 times previously and not heard anything! When the neighbour eventually opened the shed (after much banging on their door in the middle of the night) it was clear he had been snuggled up on an old chair they had in there. Probably only started meowing because he was hungry!
I have to say, looking back on it now, i was rather annoyed that this neighbour hadnt bothered to check her shed, esp as i had knocked on her door the day before to ask, and she could see what i state i was in.
So check everywhere and pester the neighbours to see if they have seen her.

Cheddars Fri 16-Mar-12 09:11:03

That's brilliant news! I wonder where she's been?!

RightsaidFreud Fri 16-Mar-12 10:35:57

Glad shes back!

Aminah4life786 Sat 10-May-14 12:21:10

This happend to me my kittenwent out at nightthen we called itbak in but dint cum so in tje mornin I was gonna see it its there but it wasnt since then it hasnt came back so we have dun everything. Its called tiger who is very lovabend playful he is a boy . It has been since 17 april 2014sad, hope you find urs dnt lose hope [happy]

FushandChups Sat 10-May-14 22:51:49

So you're getting a new kitten as well? Congrats grin

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