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Cat pooing and weeing in the dog's bed!!!

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twojues Tue 20-Dec-11 20:55:19

I have 4 cats and 2 dogs. One dog is a puppy that we have had for 6 months. The other is 8 years old.

I bought the older dog a new bed about 3 weeks ago and one of the cat's who is 3 years, has suddenly started weeing and pooing in the bed. I don't have

I took her to the vets today with a urine sample I managed to get to have her checked out. Her urine is clear and there are no obvious problems.

Any ideas on how to stop her from doing this?

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Lizcat Wed 21-Dec-11 16:35:40

She is saying 'You dog you are beneath contempt all your new bed is worth is to be my toilet. Me the cat I am the supreme being.'
More practically wash the bed with non-ammonia containing products then either spray with feliway or take damp cotton wool rub it on the kitties cheeks and then rub it on the bed. You have to make it smell part of your cat's property so that they don't feel the need to mark it as theirs.
You have a multicat multipet household so anything new you buy for this dynamic can upset their fragile sensibilities. The fabcats website has fab info about this.

twojues Thu 22-Dec-11 17:20:13

Aaarrgggh!!! Could smell cat wee in the kitchen but couldn't work out where from as there were no puddles on the floor.

I picked up a tea-towel from the worktop and it stinks, she's peed on it!!!

I got some feliway spray yesterday (thanks for the suggestion Lizcat) and am spraying it on the dog's bed, she's obviously moved to peeing somewhere else.

I even pushed her through the catflap to get her outside before she could wee in the dog's bed.

I'm flummoxed as to why she's suddenly started doing this.

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Amy4344 Tue 10-Sep-19 11:58:32

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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