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How do I get my cat to poo outside??

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bettyboo83 Sat 19-Nov-11 23:00:57

I have a 6-month old cat who has been allowed out for about 4 weeks now since her 'op'. I would really like her to stop using the litter tray whilst she's out. We don't have a cat flap so she'll still need a tray overnight. At the moment she comes in to use the tray then goes back out to play hmm I have started to put her tray in the open greenhouse during the day and she'll happily use it there but if I bring it in she just comes in the house, bless her! Any suggestions?

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UnexpectedOrange Sat 19-Nov-11 23:03:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wonderstuff Sat 19-Nov-11 23:03:53

Put litter tray outside during the day? Maybe near a suitable flowerbed?

bettyboo83 Sun 20-Nov-11 22:08:38

No, I'm happy for her to crap in my garden smile

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Hassled Sun 20-Nov-11 22:12:42

Get a cat flap. You have to do it sooner or later if you want to resolve this - it's never going to work otherwise. Then put the litter tray outside the cat flap so visible from inside. Then move it to where you don't mind the cat pooing - in our case, under a hedge which is a giant cat toilet area. Then don't ever have a litter tray inside again.

sprinkles77 Sun 20-Nov-11 22:33:27

My cat was indoors for 6 months. She is now only allowed out when it's light. When she first went out I tipped the well used cat litter onto the flower bed, and hid the tray. I would not leave the whole tray outside, she will continue to use it, and really you want her to make the flower beds her territory by pooing and weeing in them. If you empty used litter onto the beds she will know exactly what you expect of her.

My little darling still has the tray available at night time, but hardly uses it (may be a wee every 2-3 weeks if we have had a lie in and have not let her out). I hide it in the day time. You do need a cat flap so she can go outside when ever she wants, or perhaps an open window if the security of your property makes that sensible. Obviously my cat is supremely clever (she has only ever had one accident, a poo that she did the day after we brought her home) grin.

purpleturtletoise Sun 20-Nov-11 22:36:44

I recommend a veg patch. Apparently, they're irresistable. angry

bettyboo83 Sun 20-Nov-11 22:49:50

Thanks everyone. I'd like to get a cat flap but have a uPVC door so I'm guessing it'll be fairly pricey?? I'll try the litter on the flower bed too.

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sprinkles77 Sun 20-Nov-11 22:54:13

we had uPVC door. We got a new one blush largely for the cat! Well, it did need replacing anyway. Alternatively a builder might be able to remove some bricks so you can have the catflap in the wall (my parents did this).

Hassled Sun 20-Nov-11 23:14:47

You just need to change the lower panel - glaziers will replace it with a cat flap sized hole cut in. I don't think it's too procey.

threefeethighandrising Sun 20-Nov-11 23:29:43

Cats like to go to the toilet where they can see everything going on. We often get it wrong and assume they need privacy, like us. If they're hidden the feel vulnerable as something could be sneaking up on them, apparently.

I got my cat to go outside by putting some litter on the soil, not the whole tray, and showing it to her. I only had to do it once and she got it. (Her son on the other hand never got it!)

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 21-Nov-11 16:09:16

My cat used to come back into the house to use the tray but he started doing it outside with time.

They like fresh dug flower beds and veg patches.

nailak Mon 21-Nov-11 16:14:17

i leave my kitchen windows open to let my cats out, and there are others whose cats just get let in and out.

i first put litter tray outside then in garden.

sprinkles77 Mon 21-Nov-11 16:17:27

hassled if you have a lower panel.

stinkyfluffycat Mon 21-Nov-11 16:24:39

I'm afraid if your cat is anything like mine it may never learn... I have two, one who goes out through the catflap and craps outside like a normal cat (in my own garden, not anyone else's) and one who chooses to largely ignore the catflap and crap on the bathroom floor next to the litter tray.

A three year old observed the other day that 'he poos on the floor because he doesn't know where his bum is'. She's probably right hmm

oopslateagain Mon 21-Nov-11 16:45:06

We have a UPVC door, DH drilled a few holes in it and cut through with a saw to make a hole for the catflap, worked a treat but I was hoovering polystyrene up for days (it's filled with it for insulation).

Take some dirty litter and chuck it on the garden in a spot you'd like the cat to use. It will help if you dig over the area first so the soil is nice and loose. Then hide the litter tray so the cat isn't tempted to use it.

I will guarantee your cat will ignore your nicely prepared area and will crap on your lawn instead. Mine do. grin

bettyboo83 Thu 24-Nov-11 20:43:23

Thanks everyone smile

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Swankie83 Thu 19-Mar-20 06:39:00

I have 3 cats all different ages. I put the litter tray on the doorstep during the day and bring it it at night when I bring the cats in. I have a young cat right now so if she needs to go the tray is there during the night

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