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I am so impressed with my vet!

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posey Tue 25-Oct-11 19:00:48

We have an old cat who has been to the vet rather a lot recently but poor thing gets very stressed and sits quivering and growling quietly when he's there sad
Anyway he has a cyst on his back which needs draining now at least once a week. So the vet has given me all the stuff I need to do it at home and shown me what to do. So today I drained his cyst at home. Dh held him on his knee, it was all over in a couple of minutes, dcat didn't growl once, and it saves me a fortune. Win win situation. Brill smile

suzi2 Tue 25-Oct-11 21:51:51

That's brilliant. I wish more vets were like that. My most recent one did bloodwork on my cat during normal appointments, rather than taking him in. To lower his stress levels. I was confident pinning him down for it, which helped I suppose, but it was nice to have someone think of the animal first rather than just do the norm.

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