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Adopting kittens - very disappointed with SPCA

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DaisyheadMayzie Sun 23-Oct-11 20:33:13

A couple of months ago we adopted two 5 month old kittens from the SPCA (we're in NZ). As they were being put in the box I noticed they had stitches, and the guy said 'oh yeah, they need to be removed in 3 days'. So I dutifully took them to my local vet (SPCA vet was 20 miles away). One cat, a girl, had a nasty infection which my vet said was longstanding (I noticed it the previous day) and required 10 days of antibiotics - she needed treatment that day and there was no way I could get the the SPCA vet sat that time so I paid for them. The other cat was a boy - vet said 'he won't have stitches'. Oh yes, he did, in exactly the place they would have spayed a girl. Vet suspects that they didn't check his sex before the operation - really????

Anyway, I tried to call them to find out what had happened to poor Dylan and complain about Pebbles infection but couldn't get through and in the end gave up.

Fast forward to last week and the kittens were due for their boosters. Pebbles is now a fit and healthy kitten. Dylan is odd - he is generally found hiding under something (in the cat box, under the curtain, under the couch), he isn't that shy and is very cuddly but is very jumpy and his eyes are a bit squinty. It took him ages to work out the cat flap. He looks well and eats well though so we thought maybe he can't see very well. Anyway, the vet checked him over and his gums are inflamed. Apparently it can be a symptom of having cat flu as a little kitten. She wants us to take him back in 3 months and if it hasn't cleared up then treatment is having his teeth removed. I am so cross about this. Surely this is something that the SPCA vet should have checked. And now we have to deal with the problem, the expense, the cat with no/few teeth and it's just not fair. DH says we should take the cat back, but he's our cat now and taking him back would be putting him down.

I think it's now time for a strongly worded letter and I think the SPCA vets (who are a vet chain, not employed by the charity) should sort out the teeth problem for free - do you think this is a reasonable request? Getting our contribution back for the adoption won't even cover the antibiotics for the manky stitches, and I feel bad for arguing for money from a charity, but this is really poor.

What are your thoughts?

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