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Cats and cold weather.

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pinktortoise Thu 20-Oct-11 11:36:46

our cat generally stays outside all night and comes back when we open the door first thing in the morning. However with the colder weather and frost etc at night I am wondering whether this is ok? Do you leave your cat out all night , or do you have some kind of cat cabin / shelter for outdoors ?

ColdSancerre Thu 20-Oct-11 11:42:07

I think it's too cold now for all night outside without shelter.

My two cats will happily spend all night out in the summer, I'd prefer them to be in but they're wily buggers. Pampered house cat started spending every night in the house about a month ago. Ex/semi feral cat who is as hard as nails and prefers the outside to in started coming in at 8pm ish about a week ago. If its too cold for him it's too cold for most cats.

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