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What's the eco-friendly way of disposing of used cat litter?

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Kikithecat Wed 19-Oct-11 11:58:14

Hi all, just got a lovely 10 week old kitten after a long pet-free spell. He's great. My only concern is what to do with the used cat litter?

Friends tend to say "double-bag it and put it in the bin" but this seems incredibly un-eco-friendly to be. After all I've bought bio-degradeable litter so sticking it in two plastic bags and sending it to landfill seems a bit daft.

Can I dig it into the flower beds (I'll have to make a flower bed first!)?
Can it be recycled somehow (compost?)?
What do you do?

girlywhirly Wed 19-Oct-11 14:21:39

We use a pelleted newspaper type litter, and nowadays it is only rarely used by our cat. We used to put the wet stuff in our home compost bin and let it rot down before putting the compost on our flowerbeds. I wouldn't use it on a veg patch though. We cannot dispose of cat litter in our green waste collection, even though they take raw or cooked meat/fish waste etc to be heat treated at the compost facility and composted.

Any faeces and litter contaminated by it will need to be binned, if there is a dog poo bin locally you could dispose of it in that. It seems that flushing the cat poo down the toilet isn't acceptable either.

Kikithecat Wed 19-Oct-11 15:51:16

ooops! Have been gaily dropping the solids down the loo already! Thanks for the tips, I think I'll get a compost bin. I am also using the pelleted paper type so that should be ok.

WillbeanChariot Wed 19-Oct-11 15:56:59

I put mine in the compost bin, it seems to work fine. I do put the poo down the toilet though, what's wrong with that?

Lucyannieamy Wed 19-Oct-11 22:32:45

We use wood pellets, which go in the compost, although with 2 kittens in the house at the moment it's turned into a general garden mulch. We also flush cat poo, why is that wrong? It stinks, would not want it in any bin

purpleknittingmum Wed 19-Oct-11 22:38:29

Some cats are trained to poop in the loo!

ravenAK Wed 19-Oct-11 22:42:35

Scoop the poop, rest in the compost.

Actually, I don't lose sleep over the odd stray turd in the compost, given that the cats crap in the vegetable plots anyway!

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