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My old boy cat seems to have a death wish! Help!

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peggotty Sat 15-Oct-11 19:22:52

He's 14 and due to chronic recurrIng ear infections is almost completely deaf. We live on a quiet cul de sac which has been great for our cats but he has taken to sitting in the middle of the road and no moving out of the way when cars come along the road. Luckily, cars are generally going slowly anyway as its a narrow, short road and they can't go particularly fast but I'm worried he's going to end up gettIng injured or knocked down. I think it would be cruel to keep him in as he's always loved being outside (although hes in more than he used to be, especially when it gets colder). Several neighbours have commented that he won't move for them and they have to get out their cars and shoo him out of the way shock. He's 14 btw and has always been quite reluctant to move when he sees out cars coming but used to always move for other cars.

MyLittleFluffball Sat 15-Oct-11 22:58:42

Ah that's very worrying. What do you think your options are? The only option I can think of is physically keeping him away from the road, because when cats get a "favourite spot" it is very difficult to change that.

babycham42 Sat 15-Oct-11 23:03:42

Your neighbours sound lovely.

Can you find a nice sunny spot and pick him up and put him there when he does it?Is this bit of the road sunny?Perhaps as the tarmac gets colder he'll get less keen.

peggotty Sat 15-Oct-11 23:22:19

Hi, he does have certain spots where he likes to lie, but not normally on roads. He's just sitting on the road, after having had a wander around his territory and simply refusing to move when any vehicles come along! He seems to think that all cars etc will stop for him, and luckily so far they will! I'm starting to wonder if he's going a little bit senile or if he just has a huge sense of entitlement grin. I think he will spend more time indoors now it's getting colder. I'm just flummoxed as to why he's started not seeming to care that cars are either passing so close by him or just sitting in their path! It would be heartbreaking if he gets to the age of 14 and ends up getting injured/killed on the road sad

babycham42 Sat 15-Oct-11 23:34:49

If you think he's pushing his luck too far perhaps you will have to keep him in a little while to see if you can break the habit.He sounds adorable.
I always make a pssst noise and flap my arms around to scare my cat off from following me to a potentially dangerous situation but I'm afraid that's no help really with your old mog being a bit deaf.

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