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Cat attacked toddler, again

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TerrysNo2 Sun 09-Oct-11 21:21:17

Hi all

I need some advice about our cat. She is about 5 years old (has been neutered), is indoor and outdoor cat and our only pet.

On Saturday she scratched DS (almost 3) when he was just sitting on the couch and he now has 2 really nasty scratches on his leg. This is the second time its happened, last time he had a number of scratches on his foot. DH wants to rehome the cat (he's never been overly keen on her anyway) but I don't know what to do. DS is my priority and he is now quite scared of her.

Does anyone have any experience of this or any advice. Should we consider rehoming her?

Thanks in advance!

oldwomaninashoe Mon 10-Oct-11 13:04:56

Did your DS "do" anything to her to warrant this behaviour?

I've always had 2 cats and have 4 sons, sometimes they got scratched usually because the cat didn't want to be picked up!

They have all developed a healthy respect for the cats and recognised when the cats do not want to be "bothered" and accordingly leave them be.

You might discover that your toddler has been "doing something" to the cat while you weren't there/had your back turned and the cat is sending out a warning message to him not to come to close.

If the cat has been fairly okay in the past and not displayed vicious behaviour, I would guess that the toddler has upset her. keep your eyes peeled!

If he was upset by the scratch and backs off in the future the cat has achieved her objective.

oldwomaninashoe Mon 10-Oct-11 13:12:28

Just to add in 2004 we took a cat from the RSPCA which was there for re-homing as it had viciously attacked a toddler. As my DC's were all older I couldn't see it being a problem.

She turned out to be the soppiest, easy going, most gentle cat we have ever had, she would drape herself over the DS's lie on her back and purr as soon as she saw them.

However if my sister visited with her grandchildren (quite small) she would panic, race out of the house and climb the nearest tree till they had gone.

The toddler might be too much for her, its really up to you whether or not you think the two might co-exist happily in the future.

TerrysNo2 Mon 10-Oct-11 13:12:38

He didn't do anything, he was sitting down with his grandad watching TV, thats what worries me, I could understand if he provoked her.

oldwomaninashoe Mon 10-Oct-11 14:05:52

I'm not saying that he provoked her then , but he might have in the past and he was a bit close for her comfort perhaps.
Has she ever done this with anyone else?

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