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Cat attempts own version of a Tennessee Williams play.

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MrsDanverclone Sun 09-Oct-11 12:52:18

Cat on a hot metal wood burning stove!

My cat, who is nearly 6 months old, jumped on to the top of our wood burning stove last night. He has rather pink paws this morning but no blisters and appears to be fine.

This is my first time being the very smitten owner of a cat, as I actually really belong to that other species, known as dog owners.
So what I want to know, from you more experienced cat owners is, if you think he will have learnt from the experience straightaway, as this was the first time we have had the stove on, since we got him. He does appear to be of a superior intelligence to my 2 dogs, one of whom regularly toasts herself on the hearth, trying to get as close to the stove as possible, until the whiff of scorched fur drifts my way and I get up and move her.
Or, do I need to buy a fireguard, as the flickering flames and heat source will lure him in everytime?

GoodWitchHunting Mon 10-Oct-11 19:43:26

I think Cats have a better track record of learning dangers. My mums dog as no fur at the end of his tail come winter because he just won't learn not to go too close to the fire!

MrsDanverclone Tue 11-Oct-11 10:10:28

He appears to have learnt to be wary of the stove thankfully.
Sat on the sofa glaring at it last night. My dogs are supposedly an intelligent breed, Border Collies, but like your mum's dog, no sense around the fire and yes, we have had the singed fur on tail here as well.

RedwingWinter Wed 12-Oct-11 19:51:42

I had to read this thread because of the title. Cats like warm places so he will probably still try and get close, but remember not to get burnt. Cats are quick learners about things like that. I'm glad to hear he is now wary of the stove. You can keep an eye on him and then if you are worried, you can buy a fireguard.

tabulahrasa Thu 13-Oct-11 22:30:35

I find cats much more stupid than dogs, lovely, but I was pretty shocked when I got my first one at just how dim they can be...

Mine have never learned that cigarettes are hot - don't jump on a hand holding them, swing top bins are not a stable surface for jumping on to, trying to walk in front of people gets you stood on, don't sit on a seat if someone leans forward in case they sit back down....

headnotheart Fri 14-Oct-11 15:57:58

Cats do the singed fur thing as well - some of them. Fur is quite thick, so I assume they don't singe their actual skin, so don't find it painful.

Dogs don't jump on lit stoves (perhaps someone else has experience to the contrary).

Long ago, my mum's cat sniffed a match flame to see what it was. She only ever did it the once.

I used to have rats, I would let them out in the room. It was in the days before safety matches. One evening they were out, then there was a brief gnawing noise, then the noise of a match striking, then the sight of a rat dashing across the room. I took more care with matches after that, but don't know whether the rat learned his lesson - I suspect yes!

headnotheart Fri 14-Oct-11 17:14:33

oops meant It was in the days when you could still buy non-safety matches as well as safety ones. I didn't 'take more care afterwards,' I switched to safety matches! Couldn't risk my rats burning the house down next time!!!

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