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Cat questions for a (potential) newbie

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babyocho Wed 05-Oct-11 21:20:36

I have never had a cat but have been thinking for a while about getting a rescue cat (rather than a kitten).

DD who is 3.5 sometimes likes the neighbourhood cat, but equally gets freaked out by her as well. Do you think she will get used to a cat living in our house and be OK with it? We do talk about it and DD said the cat could sleep in her room and she would feed it smile

Also, I am afraid of birds. Will a cat bring in birds? If so, what do I do? (It's just me and DD). How often do they do this?

Will a cat scratch my furniture to shreds?

How much does cat food and flea treatment cost each month?

And finally, I don't think I have anywhere for a catflap. But I have heard that that you can get them fitted to a patio door. Is it expensive and do they work well?

DooinMeCleanin Wed 05-Oct-11 21:26:44

1) Depends on the cat. Mine doesn't. My mum's does. Mine brings in live moths instead and then releases them <shudder>. Bag and bin it or bury it if you wish but a local dog/fox will probably just dig it up.

2) Buy a scratch box or pole.

3) Depends what food you use/how much your vet charges for flea prescriptions. My vet charges £8 for a 6 month script. I buy my flea and worm treatments here - you also need to factor in the cost of insurance, which is essential.

4) I have no idea. I just leave the landing window open for mine.

babyocho Wed 05-Oct-11 21:30:04

How much is insurance? Is it mainly to cover vet fees?

How do you administer flea and worm treatment?

MyCatHasStaff Wed 05-Oct-11 21:32:41

Can you afford insurance? Petplan is about £10 (give or take) per month,(there are other less expensive ones). I wouldn't not have insurance, my lovely boy racked up a £5,000 bill! On the other stuff, birds, furniture etc - maybe/maybe not depends on the cat. We have two cats, one is a rescue with 'issues', and sleeps on the bed, but the other isn't allowed because he gets us up at 4am! Ask the rescue people for a cat that's used to young children and your dd should be fine. We use science plan food, which is about £25 a bag from MedicAnimal and lasts about 6 weeks per cat. Our vet does a scheme where you pay a small amount each month and then you get a discount on vaccinations and flea and worming treatments, so it might be worth ringing round to see if anyone in your area does something similar.
It's great that you are thinking it through and getting a rescue - if only everyone were like you smile I hope you have many happy years with your new family member.

MyCatHasStaff Wed 05-Oct-11 21:33:35

sorry x-post

DooinMeCleanin Wed 05-Oct-11 21:34:26

Insurance will depend on who you go with. Mines with More Than and is £8 a month. It covers vet fees for accidents and illnesses, which would otherwise cost a small fortune, but it doesn't cover for flea treatment, worming or dental checks.

Wormers are normally tablets that are best hidden in chicken and hand fed lovingly, if you like your face scratch free anyhow grin, flea treatments are normally pipettes of liquid administered to the back of the neck, while the cat is ditsracted by being lovingly hand fed chicken grin

purplewerepidj Wed 05-Oct-11 21:35:18

I have no idea, but a good rescue will be able to help you find a cat that suits your circumstances

With birds, it depends on the cat. Are there a lot of small birds near you? Or neighbours who encourage/feed them? To deal: rubber gloves and an empty margerine tub. Worse if the bird is still alive.

A cat may scratch your furniture a bit, mine is trained to know what Oi and No mean though and have a massive scratching post to use if she wants to. She also answers to her name.

For one cat, I get through a 500g box of dry food per week. Most cats like some meat-type food as well (mine is wierd). You can get proper branded stuff in pound shops (3 tins for £1, half a tin per day...) Flea treatment I'm not sure, my little wierdo doesn't like going out!

A cat flap will fit anywhere - I know one fitted to the utility room window, another in a glass panel next to the front door. The one in the glass panel cost less than £30 iirc (a good friend) because she knew someone with the correct equipment for cutting glass.

Good luck grin

feedthegoat Wed 05-Oct-11 21:38:20

My cat only ever brought a live bird in once. We had an enormous high ceiling at the time as the upstairs was mezzanine level so 2 stories at the highest. I was chasing the bloody thing round for an hour with cat shut in his travel box yowling to be allowed to catch it. Eventually in its panic it flew behind the fire and got wedged behind the gas pipe. I removed it with the combination of a feather duster and tea towel! I preferred the live bird to the live mice! Had various dead things over the years though.

Food and cat litter costs were about £35 a month and about £75 annually for jabs, worming and flea treatments. Pet insurance varied from about £4.50 a month when we got him 16 years ago to £21 in the end.

My cat was fine with furniture but loved to demolish carpet. My mum's cat has wrecked several leather sofa's so I guess they are all different. He have had cats flaps in the past but also managed without in other houses.

Honestly don't know about your DD. Some people do seem to have a problem with cats. Ours was a much loved ginger mog till we had to have him pts last month aged 16 and he is a much missed family member.

Purplebuns Wed 05-Oct-11 21:39:48

Most cats will bring something in at some point. We have had three birds in the house this year, DH dealt with two, one I got rid of by throwing a box over it, sliding card underneath (Like when catching a bug) with much retching and a few attempts. I am a wuss.

I have a scratch post, that is used apart from when She decides to dig her way into my bedroom sometimes, thus waking me up!

£11 insurance per month, £4000 pa, covered for life policy with Petplan I know there is cheaper out there.

Probably, £4 pw on catfood she loves Kitekat after turning her nose up at others. Fine with me as cheap!

Worming and fleaing £20 pm, although I am going to see if I can get my prescription cheaper online now!

Figures are guestimates!

I think Boosters are £50 a year also.

feedthegoat Wed 05-Oct-11 21:43:50

Oh and ours was a rescue too. He was around 6 months when we got him and had been living on the streets. He chose us, I had been adamant I wanted a dark cat but he just launched himself at us!

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