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Think one of my cats might be considering leaving home - how can I tempt him to stay?

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PetShopGirl Tue 04-Oct-11 10:14:29

We're having a load of building work done at home - new kitchen with extension and knocking through to old dining room. For the last few weeks most of the work has been outside, building the extension and the only big change for the cats has been that the back door has gone (which had their catflap in it), and been replaced with a big board with a catflap shaped hole in it. They've been managing with this fine, including last week while we were on holiday and there were being fed by a neighbour. They've tended to just disappear during the day while the builders are around, and then come home in the evening once they're gone.

However, as of yesterday things have moved inside and this has obviously rather unsettled my boy. He didn't come in at all last night (they normally both sleep on our bed) and only popped in very briefly this morning before running off again. He's generally a very cool customer, so I'm a bit worried by how anxious he was looking.

I was thinking that I could get him some really tempting food for this evening to try and help him remember what a great place this is to live(!). Does anyone have any ideas re what I could get him? He's quite greedy, but I only ever give them dry food so I don't really know what is 'favourite' food might be. I'd prefer to avoid anything that might cause squits!

Or if anyone has any other ideas how I could bribe tempt him to stay I'd be really grateful.


Bamaluz Tue 04-Oct-11 20:10:50

Yes to tempting him back with tasty food.
My fussy cat likes the Gourmet food, no Whiskas for him. Start with small amounts at first if he's only used to dry.

RedwingWinter Tue 04-Oct-11 21:20:58

Chicken, tuna, or scrambled egg go down well with my lot as an occasional treat. Will the disruption go on for long? An alternative would be to shut them in part of the house until it's finished. They won't like that either (especially since they are used to being allowed outdoors) but at least they won't be able to go away until things are back to normal.

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