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Cats everywhere!

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Tiredprobably Sat 01-Oct-11 22:37:25

We have two cats who we are very fond of, our neighbours had 3 and then one had kittens and ended up with 8 and are keeping them all, the Tom roams a lot so we don't see much of him. The problem is their kittens are always in our garden our 2 are mostly okay with this but there's the odd scrap. It's not really been a problem for us except for chasing them out of the kitchen somtimes but now they all including ours have fleas, ours have always had the drops on their scruggs and I got a spray too but I think they all just keep giving them to eachother, what can we do? At the moment they are spending a lot of time outside which might not help but I don't want fleas all over the house either!

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