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Kitten and 3 year old

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chocolateyclur Tue 27-Sep-11 13:11:27

We have taken in a kitten (around 15 weeks) who was unwanted ostensibly because of old owner's young daughter developing an allergy.

We picked him up on Sunday. He has the usual siamese character of sitting on us immediately, climbing all over us - no fear.

Later, when we picked up my son, we had the kitten in the car. As soon as he heard him, he hissed and tried to hide.

When we got home we released the kitten into our front room with food and litter tray, and encouraged my son to play quietly. Kitten went and hid - not surprising as new environment etc. As soon as ds went to bed, kitten came out.

This pattern is still repeating. We have encouraged son to stroke kitten whilst we hold him - ds is good with animals and knows to leave them unless they come to us, and we never offer him the option for unsupervised access to any of our animals. Kitten hissed again and ran to hide.

I am guessing that there may have been more over the decision to rehome this kitten from his original family - whether he's actually been mistreated by them I don't know but he clearly has no trust (and he has fear!) of small children.

So what can I do to nurture their relationship and give kitten confidence? I know it's early days, and ds is under instruction to leave the kitten to it, which is being upheld. I'm also going to get ds to be the one who puts the kitten's food down, etc.

Kitten isn't really settled enough to play yet - he only hides or snuggles us - that's his day. I've not had an unconfident cat before!

Any suggestions greatly received.

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