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What should i be feeding my cats?

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Vajazzler Mon 26-Sep-11 18:46:27

Hi all

I have 2 x 6 month old boys and having read a comment about butchers dog food and how rubbish it is decided to actually read the contents % on the food I usually buy (whiskas go cat etc) am horrified that they are actually rubbish and 80% moisture!

I thought these were good but I'm obviously wrong. So what should I feed my kitties?

hiddenhome Mon 26-Sep-11 20:39:18

Wet food isn't necessarily bad.

My eldest cat refuses to drink water and she was becoming dehydrated on the dry foods.

Cats have a low thirst drive apparently, to some will rely on wet food in order to remain hydrated.

I feed both of mine a mixture of wet and dry.

Try a decent quality dry food and something like pouches instead of tins (they're better quality).

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