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Blerg!!! Ticks. (shudder). Cat has had five in TWO days!!! Anyone else had a problem?

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MrsWicket Fri 23-Sep-11 14:06:57

Never had one in his life and now five, FIVE! of the horrors over the space of two days. Is it the waether or something???

isitmidnightalready Fri 23-Sep-11 22:59:09

We spent an hour last night pulling about 40 ticks off our rabbit - about 15 were well stuck in and the rest were moving around. Yak! Little varmints. None were fat and so I think they had just arrived. He has just escaped and been on the run for a couple of hours so I think he got them then...

Horrible, isn't it? Never had them before.

We often have this problem as we live near a field and one of my cats regularly gets them. I get to the head and pull.. as long as you don't leave the head in they heal quickly.

Last year to my horror, I woke up one morning to find a tic happily having breakfast on ME! My cat had snuggled up and left an unattached one. Utterly gross. Left quite a mark too! I think it's been a bumper year for themsad

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