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Fooled by my neighbours cat who was NOT hit by a car!

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oopslateagain Sun 18-Sep-11 12:29:52

My friend popped in this morning, very worried because as she parked she spotted a cat lying in the road just a few doors down. I've seen the cat around, and have seen him lying in the road, he seems to have a death wish! But I don't know who owns him. We went over, the cat was just laying there, front end propped up but his back legs just sort of floppy. Stroked him gently and when my hand got to his back end he yowled and growled. He tried to get up but flopped back down. We thought he might have been hit by a car.

Me and DH went knocking on doors, ended up with two other neighbours knocking on doors too, while my friend stayed with the poor cat.

One lady answered the door, and as I started to ask her, in walked the 'poor cat'...

It turns out the cat is over 20 years old, arthritis in his back legs, he has trouble getting up once he has laid down, and he HATES having his back stroked!

There was I, getting all worried, waking up half the street - and it turns out to be Victor Meldrew in cat guise.



isitmidnightalready Sun 18-Sep-11 23:51:04

Poor old you . I thought our cat had got run over one night when we came back tipsy from the pub and she was covered in blood and looked squashed. Turned out that she had just had five kittens in the outside loo..... oops...

Sleepingonthebus Sun 18-Sep-11 23:57:03

Glad the cat was ok. This happened to me too, but with a fox.

Me and the ex came across a young fox lying in the road. We positioned our car so that other cars would have to go round us, and wouldn't hit the fox.

We phoned the SSPCA who said they'd send somebody out.

After about 10 minutes, the fox got up and ran away. We had to phone the SSPCA back!

We felt a bit silly.

startail Mon 19-Sep-11 00:03:26

Never trust a cat.
Beautiful ginger Tom, slips through MILs cat flap. Does the soulful big eyed no ones feed me for ages act. MIL is a softy and feeds him.
Anyway a few days latter she is chatting to her neighbours and realises it's their cat.
Turns out he had kidney trouble, hated his special diet and had the whole street feeding him.

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