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New kitten has manky eyes, snotty nose, fleas, worms and won't poo- oh god, what have I done?

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FlorenceDaphne Sun 18-Sep-11 10:21:47

I try to be a good person. Both existing cats came from the RSPCA and all previous cats have come from the cat resuce.

So I got this kitten from the filthiest house you've ever seen. It was disgusting. It stank. I couldn't just leave him there. Please don't berate me for this- I know it just encourages them.

He seemed lethargic and his eyes were gummy, so we took him to the vet before we took him home. He has conjunctivitis, and is riddled with fleas. She gave him eye drops and we did the flea spot on which gets rid of worms as well.

He just cowered yesterday, but today is up and skipping around merrily. BUT... he's been here almost 24 hours and has yet to do a poo, although he has done wees in the litter tray.

And today I had to pull a worm out of his bottom. A new low in my life. Why won't he poo? His belly is fairly hard, but he's had a load to eat, and is very lively.

I've only ever had grown up cats before- is this normal?

SecretSquirrel193 Sun 18-Sep-11 10:42:41

If he is heavily wormy he might be worm bound and need worming in order to kill them to shift them?

It might also be that he hasn't eaten enough to eat if this is his first decent food and that it has to "move through" a bit first? Plus some cats can be funny about new houses?

Also, just thought, how old is he?

SecretSquirrel193 Sun 18-Sep-11 10:56:45

Just seen your last q, sorry smile

it can be normal is the answer. It sort of depends on the age of the kitten (too little and he'll need toileting, but it sounds like he is 6weeks+ and so should (!) be self sufficient in using the tray (or at least 90% of the time!) and the fact he's weeing in there is a good sign. Moving house can set them back a bit, but usually it is a full regression into missing/not using the tray at all, and they tend to not eat, so I would guess at this point he is either too wormy or just hasn't eaten enough to move through. When he does go, I wouldn't be surprised or that worried if its liquid, as long as he is still bright, eating and drinking.

What spot on did you use for worming? If he is v wormy, you might need to "top it up" with another wormer - I quite like Milbemax every 3m with Advocate spot on monthly for my cats (but he has to be 8 weeks for Advocate)

FlorenceDaphne Tue 20-Sep-11 19:11:06

Thank you so much for answering- sorry I haven't replied; lost the internet the same day. Kitten did a poo half an hour after I posted- it was grim, really full of worms. But no more since, so the spot on must have worked- it was the Advocate. Kitten is now springing around the place very happily, and is weeing and pooing in the tray. I hope we will have many long and happy years together!

Thanks again.

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