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My cats birthday

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SootySweepandSue Sat 17-Sep-11 16:32:17

I'm a bit a soppy cat owner but I want to do something nice for my cats birthday!!! She will be 2 in a week or so. I've had her since she was at 5 weeks so she really is my baby. Well that was until I had my actual baby who is now 13 months smile. Anyway my cat is very much 2nd fiddle now and has been through being not allowed in bedroom, to being harassed by my daughter, plus our neighbourhood has a lit of cats so she is always guarding/fighting for her territory. Anyway I think it would be nice to spoil her.

Anyone got any ideas of special foods, toys etc or am I just losing my marbles thinking it would be nice to have a birthday thing?

PuppyMonkey Sat 17-Sep-11 16:34:08


usualsuspect Sat 17-Sep-11 16:35:26


SootySweepandSue Sat 17-Sep-11 18:03:05

Can you get cakes anywhere? A Sheba cake could be good...

ColdSancerre Sat 17-Sep-11 18:04:44

If I remember they get Applaws and a new catnip toy.

ColdSancerre Sat 17-Sep-11 18:08:05

catnip cake

Probably too late to order?

TheOriginalFAB Sat 17-Sep-11 18:11:50

My cat is 17 and I also have had her since she was 5 weeks old. For anyone thinking of getting a kitten I think it is too soon to take kitty from mum at that age. Anyway, she has presents at every birthday and Christmas and my MIL makes her toys grin. This year she had prawns for her tea and had a new bed a few weeks before.

SootySweepandSue Sun 18-Sep-11 11:13:51

Oh my goodness I love the catnip cake! I may order one anyway even if it arrives too late.

Oh and OriginalFab I am well aware that 5 weeks is way too young. She was abandoned by the family that had her before as they could not cope with the litter as they were penniless and had a very young baby. They were going to let her and the others go feral. She is the sookiest cat you can ever meet and probably a bit immature which I think is because she didn't have her mum for long. I have tried to be the best non-cat mum though. I even changed my hours to part time/work from home when she was tiny so I could look after her and she didn't have much time on her own. Apart from work I didn't leave the house for 3 months!

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