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Cat , builders and wee

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pinktortoise Thu 15-Sep-11 21:02:57

we have just started an extension on the house. Obviously this is noisy and disruptive to all of us. Our cat who has always been very easygoing is now stressed and has taken to wetting ..on bedding and rugs. Is feliway the answer as cannot do anything to remove the stress of the builders. Spray or diffuser or both?

NeedaCostume Thu 15-Sep-11 23:19:07

I was in this situation a couple of years ago - I found the only answer was to put a litter tray upstairs on the landing as the cats were too frightened to go outside. Feliway is worth using after the work is finished to help transition the cats outside again. Once they've started it is hard to deter them though, because the places they have weed still smell right to them.

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