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Where to keep a kitten?

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DaisyheadMayzie Tue 06-Sep-11 02:22:45

In the past we have had our cat's bed in the utility room - no damage they can cause, there is a cat flap to outside and we can close the door and they are contained. Then we got a puppy and moved the cat into the garage and the puppy into the utility room. Unfortunately a couple of months after the puppy's arrival the cat was hit by a car and killed. We are now ready to get a new kitten, but the puppy is 8 months old and still sleeping in the utility room. We don't want to give her free run of the house at night and when we aren't home, so where can we put the kitten??

The options I can see are:
1) utility room with the dog - could put cat bed up high so kitten has some space from the dog, but the cat could harass the dog??
2) put one or other in the bathroom - not so keen on this idea, as it's another room taken over by animals plus there is more damage that could be caused
3) garage - not sure which I would put in the garage though. Dog could get up to mischief, and cat couldn't be kept inside easily

Or any other suggestions?? We haven't used a crate with the puppy, as she had her own bedroom - is it possible to use them with kittens?


tabulahrasa Tue 06-Sep-11 02:39:33

I kept my last one in the cupboard under the stairs (it's about 6 ft by 3ft) for the first few weeks, overnight and when we were all out as we had a dog and another cat at the time. The existing cat wasn't keen on the kitten, the kitten wasn't keen on the dog and the dog had to be kept away from both cat food bowls and litter trays - it was like one of those riddles with boats chickens and foxes, rofl.

The original cat as a kitten had free access to the living room and kitchen and the dog slept in the upstairs hall, occasionally you'd get up to find that the cat had knocked something over, but other than that it wasn't a problem.

Both cats now have free run of downstairs, the dog is no longer with us.

everlong Tue 06-Sep-11 12:48:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

reasonstobecheerful Tue 06-Sep-11 16:05:26

I got a pair of kittens five years ago and had dogs at the time, we had a large crate to put the kittens in overnight, when they were fed, to sleep in during the day when their batteries gave out and generally when we couldn't supervise. They had a a litter tray in it and their cat box to sleep in and it was a real godsend, I'd do it again if I had tiny kittens and dogs.

DaisyheadMayzie Tue 06-Sep-11 20:06:02

Thanks so much - looks like a fairly common dilemma! I think the puppy will be OK with the kitten, although might expect a fair amount of interaction as my mum has a daft cat who lets the dogs carry her around. She's a golden retriever so likes to carry things rather than kill them!
I think I might get a crate then and put it in the utility room, at least until kitten and dog are used to each other. Also will prevent the dog eating out of the litter tray!


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