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Elderly cat and funny poo

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moonbells Tue 23-Aug-11 09:24:08

I didn't want to put sloppy poo in the title, but she's eating normally (Elderly cat dry food from vet's, plus one per day wet food) and seems to be drinking fine. It all started with her peeing by the door and missing the litter tray a year or so back; we got her checked out (vet said fine) and though we are still in this situation, it's been joined by her pooing outside the tray, and it's rather horribly sloppy. Wish she could wear a nappy!

I've looked up kidney problems and it says they show by increased weeing. No mention of poo. Has anyone any ideas please before we cart her (biting and scratching) back to the vet? She's 18 and getting a bit thin but otherwise is her usual opinionated self.

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