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My cat HATES her collar! Any suggestions?

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ByJiminy Sun 21-Aug-11 20:58:23

...apart from take it off.

She is already microchipped so it isn't for identification.
She is a prolific hunter (this week alone - three baby rabbits in two days - and those are only the ones we found.... plus numerous mice/voles etc). We put the collar with bell on her in attempt to curb the culling - partly for the sake of the local wildlife population and partly to stop us having to clean up bodies/blood/guts every morning! She hates the collar though and is really sulking with us. Turning her nose up at meals (although she is grazing during the day) - lots of skulking in corners too. We put one on her brother too (both on friday) and he's fine with his. Should we persevere with her?

Thanks - oh and before anyone frets it is an elasticated one so she shouldn't get stuck anywhere with it smile

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 22-Aug-11 07:39:46

A bell will not stop a cat hunting. They learn to keep their necks still when stalking.

The elasticated ones are not safe, the safest ones are the pull release plastic catch collars. Cats try to take elastic ones off and end up with a front paw caught in it and panic because they won't be able to get it out again. I've also seen them get the elastic caught on the bottom fang tooth and the mouth bleeding from them trying to rectify it.

The quick release collars are widely available, I get ours in poundland.

ByJiminy Mon 22-Aug-11 09:50:00

Well she is missing now so no chance to even get it off her. She didn't come home this morning. Last saw her at 11pm yesterday. I'm really worried sad

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