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Few issues.

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bottleofbeer Tue 16-Aug-11 16:59:35

Flame away but my ten month old cat has had a litter of kittens. She went into heat literally days before she was due to be spayed and with the best intentions in the world, the second the back door was open to chuck out a binbag she was out and over the wall. It happens and happily all the kittens have homes to go to and are big, robust, healthy things. First issue is the pee. My house literally stinks and it's getting me down because no matter what I do I cannot get rid of the smell. She got into the habit of going under the stairs, I've tried as many cleaning products as I can get my hands on to no avail. The kittens seem to have better toilet habits than she does. She is DESPERATE to go out but come hell or high water I will not let her out until she's been spayed. I dunno if this is her way of protesting that she can't go out but it's driving me to distraction, and at times it's making me seriously dislike her.

The next is that yes, she's feeding obviously but she is constantly crying for food, you can't turn your back on food for a second or she's at it and I cannot abide animals stealing food they have no need to steal since they're perfectly well fed (I'm giving her tins of fish and all kinds of treats to try and satiate her because the howling for food is beyond annoying) Plus, it's a matter of time until someone's hurt because you're permanently dodging this crying bloody cat that's determined to get under your feet. I could have cried this morning when she got at my daughter's cereal and I'd just used the last of said cereal so her breakfast had to be binned, not to mention the other day she literally jumped up at her, and clawed at her face to try and steal the food she was eating. Yep she's recently wormed etc...


kittensliveupstairs Wed 17-Aug-11 09:31:13

No idea about the peeing, but it does sound like she's hungry. If she is feeding a litter of kittens she will be putting out a lot of calories.
Can you get her some dried food to fill her up?

musicposy Wed 17-Aug-11 17:28:56

Does she have access to food at all times? It sounds as though she needs it and this would sort out at least some of your problems. I'd put a huge bowl of dried food down, along with water, to supplement what she normally gets. What food do you have her on? Nursing cats do better on a kitten food as it is higher in protein.

Our cat has access to dried food the whole time and we feed him wet whenever he asks. We may be lucky but he self-regulates his food really well, he's a slinky cat and not fat at all. So I would advise food out all the time at the moment. If the cat is stealing cereal (not exactly a cat's preferred food) she is hungry.

As for the weeing, as much as you can, keep cleaning but don't stress until the litter is gone and she is spayed. Then you can drown everything in simple solution and close off the areas where she has got in the habit of going.

bottleofbeer Wed 17-Aug-11 18:14:03

Yeah there is constantly food out for her which is why I'm at a bit of a loss. You can put extra food out when she's crying and she ignores it to carry on whining hence the tins of fish etc...which realistically I'm not going to keep up indefinitely. She actually sounds quite hoarse now because it's constant. Tried all kinds of foods.

musicposy Wed 17-Aug-11 20:21:51

That's very strange. I'd be at a loss too (sorry, not much help). Is it definitely hunger, then? I wonder if a trip to the vet to check her over would be worthwhile. Apologies if you've done that recently!

bottleofbeer Wed 24-Aug-11 19:41:50

Arghhhh I'm losing the will to live! this morning we got up to find two loaves of bread ripped the shreds, the bin tipped over and left over take-away all over the place. Add that to the kitten piss and poo everywhere...

Anybody would be forgiven for thinking she's starving or something but in less than 24 hrs she had no less than three tins of food as well as dried and a tin of pilchards. She crying herself hoarse for food, stealing it, you cannot sit down to eat unless she's firmly locked in the other room or she's at it. The four dog sized craps she does every day too suggest to me that if anything she's eating TOO much. End.of.tether. Fairly sure my hallway carpet is ruined too. It's driving me to distraction sad

peggotty Wed 24-Aug-11 19:49:31

How old are the kittens? You obv know that she needs to eat loads as she's feeding them but she might just be the type of personality who will be a bit of a scrounger anyway? Bit of a long shot but could she also be a bit bored and demanding as a result? She still not long out of kittenhood herself, does she have toys, a scratching pole, do you set aside a bit of time to play with her and give her attention? The peeing thing is a bit of a nightmare. I think a lot of these issues will improve when she gets to go outside again.

Samvet Wed 24-Aug-11 19:55:37

Talk to your vet.this may indicate a health problem. What is her body condition? Clean pee with biological washing powder, allow to dry and then spray with surgical spirit ( get from boots and put in spray bottle.) allow to dry. Removes smell. How old are kittens? Ask you vet when they will spay her.

bottleofbeer Wed 24-Aug-11 20:37:15

She's got loads of toys, we live in a street with a massive child population and they often spend their pocket money on toys for her smile perhaps she is a bit of a scrounger, Gawd help us if she is, I'm half demented! I do think boredom could be a factor though, she's desperate to get out and I'm desperate for the time to come when I can let her out, if for no other reason than being able to open doors and windows will help with A) the smell and B) it's a nightmare in this heat.

Her body condition is fine, it's obvious she's going to be a big cat when fully grown, she's already the same size as my mum's 18 year old male and her tail is huge! - got asked if her dad was really a squirrel recently grin. Glossy coat etc...all wormed and de-flead.I'm just really hoping it's a phase until she stops feeding - the kittens are seven weeks old now and clearly going to take after their mum because they're much bigger than a litter my friend's cat had at around the same time. The vet is spaying her when her milk has dried up, he reckons about 7 days after she gives her last feed? I think she's just a total pig. My last cat died of wet FIP so I'm ultra sensitive to the possibility she's ill but honestly, she doesn't look or act remotely sick, she'd simply eat all day if you let her. Thanks for the advice, it's much appreciated x

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