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Flea help

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Clarence15 Mon 15-Aug-11 14:41:06

I think one of my cats might have fleas. She's itching a bit and my ds has had a lot of bites recently which look a bit like flea bites.

I've treated both cats and washed bedding etc but ds is still getting new bites (he's the only one who seems to get them, but the cat does sleep on his bed a bit so assuming the two are linked)

However, I haven't yet actually seen any fleas on either cats or around the house. Would I definitely be able to see them? Should I treat the house anyway? And what's the best thing to use? Is there a spray?

conculainey Mon 15-Aug-11 15:44:09

You will need to treat your cat for the fleas even if you cannot see them or the eggs, a product called "Frontline " is very effective and is easy to apply to the area between the shoulder blades of the cat. This product is available from a vet or some chemists might stock it @ around 4 pounds per treatment, do not be tempted by supermarket flea treatments such as "Bob Martin" because they are useless. Also treat the cats beding , furniture and carpets with a flee powder or spray. When using any flea treatments pay particular and careful attention to the instructions. The flea cycle can being with a cat bringing in some fleas which in turn lay eggs on the cat , furniture, carpets etc so everything that the cat has access to needs to be treated, use the "Frontline "flea treatment at the recommended intervals and you will not have a problem.

Clarence15 Mon 15-Aug-11 16:29:26

Thanks I've used Frontline so hopefully the cats themselves should now be treated. It's more for the rest of the house, in particular ds's bed. One cat only really sleeps in her own bed so I'll wash that but the other just sleeps on the nearest bed. Mainly ours but often ds's. Do I need to hot-wash the bedding and then spray the duvets/mattresses? Didn't think about the carpets either, should they be sprayed with the same stuff? (you wouldn't think I'd owned cats for over 15 yrs and not know this would you?!)

maxybrown Sat 20-Aug-11 10:36:50

we have a great house flea spray, after arriving home from holiday one year to them bouncing around our bedroom carpet, it literally looked like a bouncing sea of fleas on our feet - urgh! Anyway it is called Indorex spray.

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