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Just got back from holiday to a very poorly cat. How much is OOH vet trip likely to cost?

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LadyDamerel Sun 14-Aug-11 20:16:24

10 year old moggy seemed fine when we went away, PILs have been feeding her but didn't see her for the last few days although the food has been eaten. That's not that unusual, she sometimes does go off during the day and we only see her as we go to bed.

However, when we got back today she wasn't around. DH finally found her underneath next door's hedge and she is skin and bone. She obviously hasn't been eating but she's very furry and longhaired so you can't tell unless you pick her up.

She seems very weak and won't even eat pouches of meat. DH has felt her teeth and she tolerated that so it doesn't seem to be the issue. We've kept her in with a litter tray all day but she hasn't used it although there are small patches of what might well be urine on her blanket. She doesn't seem to have drunk anything either.

She's clearly unwell but I don't know whether it's something that will wait until the morning or whether to take her to the OOH vets tonight.

What is the likely cost of an OOH trip? We could manage a normal vets bill but a £££££ would be a real stretch at this point in the month.

Sheepling Mon 15-Aug-11 09:57:13

I hope you took her OP - sounds like she needed help asap. Do you have insurance? Some vets will take payment directly from them instead of you. I recently had to take my cat ooh and it cost £94 for a shave around a wound, a antibiotic injection and an antiinflammatory injection. I think I have to take her back again because she has wandered off and come back with a huge rash down her back, scabs around her eyes and limping on a back leg. Unfortunately mine are not one of the vets that go straight to the insurance.

You can ask the vet before they start treatment how much it will cost.

Good luck.

LadyDamerel Mon 15-Aug-11 21:20:30

Thank you Sheepling. We took her and unfortunately one of her kidneys was enlarged and there was a mass in her abdomen that the vet could feel so we made the horrible decision to PTS.

GloriaVanderbilt Mon 15-Aug-11 21:30:56

poor mite, I'm so sorry. You must be feeling very upset. It doesn't sound as though she suffered for that long, though, if she was ok when you went away.

Lilyloo Mon 15-Aug-11 21:33:41

So sorry how sad at least she is no longer suffering

LadyDamerel Mon 15-Aug-11 22:18:37

Thank you. I've been crying on and off all day and feeling guilty we weren't here while she was so ill.

The vet said kidney failure comes on very quickly and she most likely wouldn't have had any obvious symptoms before we went which makes me feel slightly better. MIL is feeling terrible because she didn't notice anything was amiss but unless you picked her up, you couldn't tell how thin she'd got and she wouldn't have let MIL pick her up.

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