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New cat got out, help!

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KateBC Wed 10-Aug-11 21:51:02

My parents got a cat from the shelter a little over a week ago, he's been settling in really well but tonight at about 7 he got out of an open window and we can't find him anywhere.

He was supposed to be kept in for around two weeks before being let outside, so he hasn't been shown the garden or the way back in or anything - really worried he's not going to be able to find his way home.

Parents live in a quiet rural area, so not too worried about cars, an he is microchipped so if he gets handed into shelter we'll find out, but is there anything we should be doing? And how likely is he to find his way back when he's hungry? Been up and down the road shaking is food bowl for ages, but no sign...


Geordieminx Wed 10-Aug-11 21:58:29

Keep the door open, keep calling him, try different directions.

Does he know his own name?

Could you nave a slow drive around neighbouring streets calling for him? Residents well think you are mad, especially if he has a weirdy name. Infact I didn't let my son call our new (boy) kitten Mrs Hooper (his teacher) or stinky for exactly this reason grin

I'm sure he'll come back soon

KateBC Wed 10-Aug-11 22:06:20

Surrounded by fields mainly, and am 8 months pregnant with SPD, so won't be clambering through hedges! have left doors open, and catflap is set to let him in but not back out

He knows his name, we changed it but the sound is pretty much the same (was Torres, changed it to Boris... Either one sounds a bit daft when you say it over and over!)

I'm feeling really awful though, cos it was me who left the window open, though in my defence it wa upstairs and I shut the door

Staying over with parents tonight, so hoping he will be in by the morning? Please?

Geordieminx Wed 10-Aug-11 22:23:21

I'm pleased you changed his name. Wouldnt want a cat named after that little scumbag traitor...perhaps cat has gone to Chelsea too?

I'm sure he'll be back when he's hungry

LittleJennyRobyn Wed 10-Aug-11 23:25:27

One of our cats went missing when we moved here, we'd been here a week.
I had the same thoughts as you that he'd never find his way back to the new house.
It was suggessted that i leave a bag of used cat litter outside the door, which i did. (not sure if it helped though)
i went out night after night looking for him, went back to my old house, leafleted all the doors etc and was starting to give up hope.
3 weeks later i glanced through my patio door and there he was, and it looked like he had been trapped somewhere, (was still a building site when we moved in) as he'd lost half his body weight, i was shock to say the least.

I'm not saying your parents cat will be gone that long but it is possible for him to find his way back.
Do ask all the immediate neighbours (if there are any) to check garages/sheds etc as cats can be very nosy if they see an open door.

It's more likey that he is a bit freaked out and is hiding out under a bush or something and will come back when he is ready

KateBC Wed 10-Aug-11 23:32:07

thanks for the help, have put litter outside so hopefully he'll smell it, Have told the neighbours, just going to have to wait and see

Geordie, perhaps the transfer is why poor Boris ended up in the shelter?

LittleJennyRobyn Wed 10-Aug-11 23:32:49

Actually are you sure he did get out of the window? Did you see him go?

i only ask because i was looking after DD's cat and he dissapeared, i assumed that he'd gone out the window as i couldn't find him even though it was unlikely. i searched and searched only to realise that he'd managed to get into the drawer of the coffee table from underneath. He totally ignored me when i called him.

If you didn't see him go then check the most unlikely places you can think of within the house.You'd be amazed at the spaces they can squeeze themselves into.

KateBC Wed 10-Aug-11 23:41:08

We've searched everywhere we could think of, and he has normally responded. He's a pig though, so will be out in the morning if he is just hiding! Have left window open in case he comes back, it's in room I'm sleeping in, so will scare the crap out of me if he does come in!

LittleJennyRobyn Thu 11-Aug-11 00:00:37

Lets hope he is just hiding smile

Hopefully he'll be sitting at his food dish in the morning and you'll be none the wiser as to where he's been and he wont care that you have all been worried grin

My cats have done this many times and i have still yet to figure the hiding place!!!

I'll keep fingers crossed for a safe return.

KateBC Thu 11-Aug-11 09:30:50

Still no sign of Boris, and DS is up and very upset, he's looking round the house asking for him and saying 'poor Boris' sad

Going to spend day in the garden and hope he hears our voices and comes home

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