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Really worried about my cat - any advice?

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Filibear Wed 03-Aug-11 13:58:25

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rockinhippy Thu 04-Aug-11 00:38:16

Aww, poor thing & poor you sad

I would speak with your vet for reassurance,

its possible she's just feeling unsettled after the op, or "feels" different & is telling you that & needs lots of reassurance, my old Cat did this for quite a while after her mate died & also on the run up to a fit ( she was epileptic) & could obviously "feel" it coming

ops are scary enough when we know whats going on, so it must be very unsettling in her case. Cats in pain don't behave in the way you describe, so its sounds more likely its a psychological thing, not sure what to suggest though - sorry sad

Have you thought of alternative therapies to help with her cancer though?? - there is a food supplement - Spirulina, contains al sorts of good vits & minerals & an immune boosting enzyme, I've read Russian studies that say it can help with some cancers, they used it on the Chenobil victims apparently - its also used in animal feed to protect there health - no miracle cure but it might be worth a go - you can get powder, or pills at good health shops - maybe discuss it with your vet too

good luck

SouthGoingZax Thu 04-Aug-11 00:44:59

Back to the vet.

Could be in pain or something.

Sorry she's poorly.

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