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Cats and burglar alarms?

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Kikithecat Thu 28-Jul-11 18:22:36

Would like to get a cat but we have a burglar alarm with movement sensors. Would a cat set the alarm off? Does anyone have an alarm like this and a cat - if so have you had problems?

Bunbaker Thu 28-Jul-11 18:26:13

In short, yes. You can either restrict the parts of your house that the cat has access to or you can set your alarm so that only certain rooms have active sensors.

claricebeansmum Thu 28-Jul-11 18:29:28

same for dog - in our kitchen we have a sensor that allows for the dog but when she escapes the alarm goes off

Kikithecat Thu 28-Jul-11 18:29:30

Thanks Bunbaker. I'll have to look out the manual then and see if I can do it.

blacktreaclecat Tue 02-Aug-11 19:26:57

We had our alarm sensors changed to pet safe ones. They detect heat I think rather than movement. Cost £80 for 2 sensors
Seems to work, they can't see the cats but can see me & H

tabulahrasa Tue 02-Aug-11 19:28:47

if you've not got climby cats you can just set them high enough up that pets don't set it off, just people

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