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Very stressful experience this morning

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henryhsmum Thu 28-Jul-11 15:44:10

I had a very stressful experience this morning. I was driving to a class that I go to every week and saw a dead ginger cat lying half in the road. Cars were passing and not stopping but I felt awful seeing it there so I stopped. The poor thing was still soft and warm but dead. I pulled him on to the pavement and found his collar which had his address on it. I quickly realised he lived in the cul de sac of 3 houses outside where he was killed. The owners were out and I didn't know what to do as I thought it would be awful to just leave the body on their doorstep. So I moved him off the pavement slightly and arrived at my class in floods of tears. After the class I went back and he had gone but luckily the neighbour was there and had placed him in a plastic bin liner outside the owner's house. Both the neighbour and me had written a card to the owners. Apparently he was only one but quite adventurous. I am still stressed about him and his owners now, it seems so awful that the callous person that hit him didn't have the decency to stop and pull his body from the road. I left my phone number for the owners and am hoping they phone later.

ThisMomentusDay Thu 28-Jul-11 21:47:24

How wonderful of you! It must have been horrible but as the owner of a recently killed cat i can tell you you have done a beautiful thing for that poor cats owners. My cat was recently killed by a car but someone had moved her off the road and even though it was so horrible to have found her body i was ever so greatful to the person that had enough empathy to take her off the road, even if it was the person who hit her, accidents happen and cats can run out of nowhere so quickly it can be impossible not to hit them.
Well done you! smile

frostyfingers Fri 29-Jul-11 14:07:02

Well done you - it's so easy just to walk/drive on by. I came across a half dead cat one morning - the back end had been hit and squashed and it's head and front legs were damaged. I got out and stopped to see what I could do - it was obviously dying. A lovely lorry driver stopped to help and held the cat whilst it died then came with me to the nearest house. It belonged to them and they were unaware that it wasn't in the house - it was awful telling them, but they were grateful at least that the cat hadn't died alone.

We lost a cat on the road - no one stopped or anything and we found his body the next day which was grim.

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