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Moving and keeping cats in.

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Karbea Mon 25-Jul-11 09:36:00

dh and I moved from our house to my mils 4 weeks ago and in about 4 weeks we will move to our new house.

We've 4 Persians, we kept them all in for 3 weeks but last weekend we let them out for a couple of hrs, all was fine so the next day we let them out again, 3 came home, one didn't. He managed to get back to our old house. We went and collected him, and decided to keep them all in.
That night he was climbing the Walls {literally). We went to bed and he managed to break through my mils locked cat flap. He again went back to our old house. We picked him up. My fil taped up the cat flap. He has now been locked in again since thurs and is calmerish...

Do you think he will ever be allowed out again? If so how long should we keep him in, four Persians locked indoors with no windows open is hell... I want them going out again soon!

hiddenhome Mon 25-Jul-11 19:25:47

Oh, that's hard. My eldest cat did this when we moved.

You could consider buying a Feliway diffuser. It contains cat pheromone and is supposed to help during house moves. It'll make the environment in your new home attractive to your cats and they'll be less likely to leave.

I've bought one to keep my eldest cat calm because she's a bit of a nutty kitty and it's helping so far.

Karbea Mon 25-Jul-11 19:40:02

Hi hidden home yes I've 2 feliway diffusers in the space of a one bed flat (the area that the cats are locked in to). Today I've got him some catnip...

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