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fluffylulu Sun 24-Jul-11 12:36:25

My cat had an operation last Monday on her knee (ligament repair). She has been kept in with cone on her head ever since, she's obviously very down. She has disolvable stitches but I can see a large knot at one end of the scar. Vet said 7 days but I am afraid she will go straight for the knot when we take it off, should this just drop off? Does anyone have a cat who has had this operation and it has been a success? I know it has only been a week but she is still hardly putting any weight on it (rear leg). Vet said it is very unusual injury (crutiate snapped) and he is not sure if repair will work. Any advice appreciated.

1Catherine1 Thu 28-Jul-11 00:06:41

I assume by now you have phoned your vet and asked them so don't need a reply but just in case...

Personally, I'd take the cone off and watch your cat. If your cat goes straight for the stitches put the cone back on otherwise leave it off for a while. I wouldn't leave it off permanently though until there is nothing to pull at.


nineyearoldsarerude Thu 28-Jul-11 00:22:57

I should not read thread titles late at night-I thought the cone was for yourself and was wondering exactly what type of operation you were having.

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