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Suggestions on bringing in a stray cat to a household with 2 existing cats.

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mxl Sat 23-Jul-11 10:47:13

I have been feeding a stray for 2 weeks now. Put posters up and found out he's been a stray for some time. Ive taken him to the vets and got him checked out tested for feline AIDS and de flead and wormed and am now allowing him in the house.
I have 2 cats already, both rescue cats. One female about 5 yrs old and male about8. The new cat is male between 5 & 10 years old!
Anyway I have read online about introducing a new cat involves separating them for a couple of weeks and giving the new cat a separate bolt hole and so on. My house just isnt big enough to do this plus I have 2 small kids. He also knows the area so I dont have to worry about keeping him in for 4 weeks.
The new cat is going for the little female and the exisitng male is going for the new one! I want to get them settled but am worried I am going to make it worse for them all. I dont want to upset my existing cats, but i do want to give this cat a home. He is such a sweetie and desperate for some love! My existing cats have never got on. The older male is very territorial. He tolerates her now but no cute cuddling up with each other has ever happened!
Any practical suggestions would be gratefully received!

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 24-Jul-11 09:02:00

I think you have to just let them fight it out and establish a new hierarchy don't forget most cat fighting is swearing and posturing and actual serious injury is rare you might get a nicked ear which isn't the end of the world.

Have you looked at getting a feliway diffuser? It might chill them out a bit.

Also has he been neutered? Toms are a bit feisty to say the least.

We had four cats when I was little and they all hated each other, one was a stray and two were litter mates, one was the mom of the litter mates.

They got very good at pretending they were the only cat in the house no cuddling up or affection.

mxl Mon 25-Jul-11 14:49:52

Thanks for your response.
I've tried feliway before and found it didnt do a great deal. He is a neutered tom as is my existing tom cat.
My poor little female cat was having a nice peaceful sleep on our bed sneakily and when she came down she was met with both boys having a confrontation! I let her out the front door so she could get out the way!
I will just try to stop them from going at it too much. At night I have been leaving the kitchen door open so if he does come in they have more space to keep out of each others way.

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