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Cat bringing back live 'presents'

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SexyDomesticatedDab Thu 21-Jul-11 10:24:40

Cat daily brings back live things and plays with them in the garden for a while - some we manage to rescue and return to the field behind where we live. Cat seems to have found a nest of small birds - ate one yesterday morning and then later was playing with a live one. Didn't know what to do - the smallbird couldn't fly, don't know where the nest is and possibly already injured - just had to let nature take it's course - DS4 (6) was out in garden and asking will there be blood and stuff! It was quite late so quickly took him off to bed with small chirping noises in the background sad.

Kladdkaka Thu 21-Jul-11 11:36:03

Our cat takes them up to my daughter's bedroom. Crows, rats, all sorts. I once found a desicated magpie corpse under her bed.

SexyDomesticatedDab Thu 21-Jul-11 15:18:43

The dead ones I can cope with - when she does eat them its often inthe garage so find a pile of feathers.

stupefy Thu 21-Jul-11 15:33:38

Put a bell on it or keep it in.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 21-Jul-11 22:33:42

It's too nice to be in the cat doesn't know any better their moms don't teach them to kill quickly because they don't have to.

birdinatent Thu 21-Jul-11 22:59:29

I forgot to feed my cat the other night, went to bed with window open cos its warm, woke to crunching of bone and sinew, put light on to find cat just finishing second half of a mouse on my bedroom floor, suppose I should be impressed, if you dont feed a dog they just go hungry, the cat takes matters into her own hands and gets her own tea!

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