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smokinaces Mon 18-Jul-11 21:38:31


I rehomed a beautiful cat last June. He is an indoor only cat and never goes out. He eats dry food, for indoor cats and is very healthy and glossy with good teeth and claws.

I've just realised its a year since his jabs, so guessing he needs a booster (no reminder from Vet, is that normal?) I also havent de-flead or de-wormed him since then.

What are the yearly jabs for with cats? Do they need to have them and flea/worming treatment routinely if they are indoor only cats, dont come into contact with any other animals and never go to catteries? I dont want to compromise his health, but equally the vets is a very unsettling thing for him (he losses his hair when stressed, last time it happened was last vet trip!) so if I can avoid it I will.

I dont have cat insurance, simply as I am registered through the PDSA.


1Catherine1 Mon 18-Jul-11 23:08:30

Fleas - I had this discussion with my vet. I argued that since my flat had never had cats in it before and my cats are flea free then my cats couldn't get fleas so didn't need defleaing. He disagreed and gave me a reason why they should be. I don't remember his reason tbh but after a year I had a flea jump on me and I started defleaing them again. Personally I think the flea got in with my inlaws who have lots of cats as they happened to be visiting at the time (although I haven't said this to anyone). For me though it is worth de-fleaing them just in case as one of my girls is allergic to them (as well as other things). I think with indoor cats though you can definitely do it less frequently.

worming - This is quite a cheap thing to do so personally I'd do it anyway but I don't do it every 3 months as suggested, just once a year.

Vaccinations If your cat is 100% indoor and never gets boarded or comes into contact with other cats then you don't really need to keep these up to date. BUT - I would. That is just me though. Cats get out, other people have cats and disease is spread so easily. For £40 a year it isn't a massive expense.

As for the stressed cat - feliway (seriously they should pay me commission) works wonders. Spray it into the cats carrier before you go out and you're cat should be a lot more relaxed.

smokinaces Tue 19-Jul-11 20:45:55

Thanks Catherine.

I think I will do the flea and worm treatment once a year with the injections then. It seems enough for the time being. Will get him booked in as soon as I can!

Can I get feliway from places like PetsatHome?

1Catherine1 Fri 22-Jul-11 14:55:00

yes and the vets will sell it but it is far cheaper online. Places like petplanet and zooplus sell it.

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 22-Jul-11 17:11:28

I've seen feliway on amazon.

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