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Why does my cat look as if she wants to come in then doesn't?

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Deaddei Mon 18-Jul-11 10:15:47

she is 9 and was a rescue cat.
She is at the moment sitting outside the French doors, looking at me. When I go and open the door, she walks away.
Then 10 mins later comes back.
I find it quite disturbing to have her look in at me....maybe I should get off my arse and go and do something!
She spends a lot of time outside.....likes it under the Hebe bush.
Dd has started calling her RubbishCat.

tabulahrasa Mon 18-Jul-11 10:27:08

She's just checking to make sure her staff are available to let her in if she should so desire, she doesn't yet, but who knows what she might want later - easier for her if she keeps you on your toes

ThisMomentusDay Wed 20-Jul-11 09:04:43

If there's one thing i've learned about cats it's that they don't like closed doors! They may not want to go through them but they always want the option! One of mine sits crying at the window and when i open it she runs like mad up the garden and sits there looking at me! That's just cats! grin

LaurieFairyCake Wed 20-Jul-11 09:07:46

Yes, she wants the door open so she can come in and out.

Finicky beasts but utterly adorable. I have one cat who yells outside my open bedroom door to tell me to get the fuck out of bed and feed him.

Notinmykitchen Wed 20-Jul-11 09:12:03

My cat does similar, except he does come in, then as soon as I shut the door he sits looking out again, drives me bonkers!

Hassled Wed 20-Jul-11 09:17:09

One of my cats has decided he can't use the catflap anymore and instead just knocks it so it swings a bit and bangs - the cat version of knocking on the door. The ridiculous thing is that I then go and answer the door and let him in.

frostyfingers Wed 20-Jul-11 14:14:38

Our older cat will walk through the open back door to the french windows and meow to be let out. She is decidedly unimpressed when we point out the open back door that she has just come through and stalks off in a huff with that twitch of her tail that expresses her contempt for all human staff.

iklboo Wed 20-Jul-11 14:19:21

Because she's a cat and she can grin. My biggest cat will miaow to be let out the front door even if the cat flap at the back is open - because the front door opens on to the garden and he has to walk further if he goes out the back.

Check (bloody work's computer won't let me open & post link for you)

Piggles Thu 21-Jul-11 08:27:23

I've never met a cat yet who felt entirely happy about a closed door - they always think something more exciting might be happening on the other side of it, so they simply have to give in to curiosity and go check - regularly... and if that happens to result in a bit of amusing human jack-in-the-box action, well, so be it!

We used to leave our patio doors open for the cats (in warm weather when we were a home obviously) and they liked that a lot and were in and out constantly - but sadly one of them brought in all sorts of critters and so they both (unfairly in the opinion of the dippy unhunterly one) lost priviledges grin

Now whenever I open a door for them they either look at me as if to say: "What did you do that for?" or they come in painfully slowly, malingering in the doorway so the door can't be closed for about an hour.

Our cats have the run of the whole house except the back bedroom which we try to keep cat-free for MIL who has mild asthma and doesn't need a large dose of cat fur while sleeping (probably a lame attempt to help on our part, but heigh-ho) and there is nowhere that the cats want to be more than that closed off room.

I firmly believe that all cats suffer from closed-door-itis - as is beautifully demo'd by Simon's cat - they are indeed great vids if you haven't seen them.

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